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Draft 019 3-3

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1st picked Minotaur Oathkeeper over Skywalk Instructor and Bolster. 2nd picked Champion of Order, mostly as rare draft. 3rd picked Towering Stranger. Ended up rare drafted heavily ending with 9 rares.

G1: Decent opener. My Copperhall Shieldman slowed down his ground units while my Loyalist Watching attacked unopposed in the air. All the free warcrys added up and made large units to stall the ground. My Rain of Frogs removed his only flier. I had Eilyn’s Choice for his Spirit Drain. My Serpent Trainer earned the concession.
G2: Mulliganed into a no Justice opener. Never drew one. Though my opponent had so many medium sized units that I would have struggled to answer even with a good draw.
G3: Good opener. Traded strangers. The ground stalled quickly. I had a bunch of small fliers. He only drew 2, which I had Bring Down for both.
G4: Decent opener. My opponent had amazing start: Auric Bully into Crownwatch Longsword into Bart. I drew incredibly well to not lose instantly. My Copperhall Shieldman stalled his Auric Bully. My Duelist Blade killed his Bart. But his Cabal Countess and Plague forced me into chump blocking mode. I drew a Yeti Snowslinger but had to use it to block.
G5: Silly start. Every one of my opponent’s and my first 4-5 plays completely negated the opposing previous play. He started with 1/2. I countered with a 2/2. He countered with a 3/3. I countered with a 1/1 flier. He countered with a 2/2 flier. I countered with a 3/3 flier. He countered with Amethyst Acolyte. We traded in the air repeatedly. In the end, I just had more fliers.
G6: Kept a hand without a Primal sigil for some stupid reason. Fortunately drew one 3 turns later. Burned my Finest Hour trying to keep the Yeti Snowchucker from suiciding itself but he had an answer. The usual stall the ground and peck in the air plan failed due to insufficient ground units. Bad trades led to me literally losing the race with my Valkyrie Aspirant and Minotaur Oathkeeper to two Sanctuary Priests.

I expected 0-3 so this was a pleasant surprise. I seem to do consistently decent with Hooru. Copious evasion compensates for lack of tricks I suppose.

Gold Paid = 1755
Shiftstone Gained = 1378 (dust) + 1400 (rares) + 800 (Crystallize) = 3578
Base = 0.340 shards/gold
Shiftstone Profit = 2981
Pack Profit = 8.77


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 2 1

Power Sources
7 8 3

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Deck Rarities
21 4 2

Card Types
19 1 7 0 18


October 16, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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