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Vara's Merchants (FJS Singleton Event)

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I really thought everyone would be doing this - pick the strongest card to be your hero (Vara), search for "kill" and pick some removal, then filter by legendary/rare and pick every unit that sees play and doesn't have horrible influence requirements. Top it off with torch and torch wannabes, a couple pledge units and power in the market because hitting 4SS is vital and you're set.

I did my leaderboard runs on the first day of the event and went 21-1. I don't think this deck is that strong, a lot of my games felt like I was just beating up on people with smaller collections (eg Oni Eulogist being played).

Here's some of my thoughts on deck building for the event:
- There are a lot of good cards in the game. If you find yourself putting bad cards into your deck because they fit your strategy you may want to rethink your strategy.
- Similarly if you choose a hero that doesn't see play you should have a really good reason for it (I'm looking at you Bartholo, the Seducer, Chains isn't worth paying 21 power).
- Pulling a unit out of thin air counts as starting the game with an extra card and if you're summoning it on turn 2 instead of playing a unit your hand now has 2 more cards than normal. This makes playing a power card each turn much more important and incentivizes mulliganing for power heavy hands. I would prefer to run fewer depleted sources as well but this deck has heavy influence requirements and your access to seek power is limited.
- Discovering a buff for your hero when you call it makes being able to replay your hero stronger, whether that's returning it from the void or copying it Mirror Image style. The format also limits the number of silence and transform effects that are played (no 4x Maiden or Equivocate) making it much less likely to get disrupted. Note: the "Hero's Entomb: Draw a Card" seems to be bugged: the second time I played the same Vara it gave 2 cards and the third time it gave 3.
- Playing aggressive decks with no card draw and the hero as the top end seemed to be a popular strategy. I recommend including a reliable strategy to prevent from getting run over by decks with mediocre cheap units and little hard removal, such as playing an overpowered lifesteal unit on 4 and being able to harsh rule if things get out of hand.
- Martyr's Chains is a good card.

After looking at some other lists I definitely think Ripknife Assassin justifies a position in this deck.

Event Information

Heroes Rise!
February 22-24, 2019
Your deck is defined by one of the many Heroes of Myria and your fate is tied to theirs!


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4 4 2

Power Sources
15 17 16 20

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11 16 25 20

Card Types
27 5 19 2 28

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Into Shadow [Set1004]


February 25, 2019

February 22, 2019


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ThousandMoods Eternal Version:
Thank you for this list - it was fun. Anyhow, I found the event to be heavily draw dependent. I played 3 runs on 3 different days and my results were 7-1, 1-3 and 3-3.
Dockinez Eternal Version:
Thank you for the idea. I have made some changes mostly because I dont have Wingbrewer, Warleader and End of the Line and didnt want to craft them.

Anyway, in the three runs I did 21:4, being 12th at the moment. Hope for top 100.

+ marley - because tokens are cool with merchants
+ Rhysta - she is weak ofc but she is a good value and early target and in late game I loved another land for my chains
+ Dizo - my pet card. Also helps in situationes when your Vara is permafrosted etc.

Never used /used as a fuel for merchants - finest hour
Antimage Eternal Version:
What would you remove for Ripknife Assassin? I'm thinking Wingbrewer (though it's draw), Howling Kurtarr, Syl or Stonepowder Alchemist.
Knifebloom Eternal Version:
I think I removed Alchemist when I did another run.
Furrball Eternal Version:
Thanks a lot for this list, it was performing very well for me !