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Soldier Aggro - No Market

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Just took this to Throne Masters. The low curve makes it so that markets are not necessary. Two-power hands can be very good if you start with District Infantry or Daru Lee. There are lots of ways to swing for 5 on turn two, with the consolation of playing Dovid if you do not. Two of the modes on Argo's Technique are really good - lifesteal and pump out-races other aggro decks, and the negate can stop removal. You have no reach, so keeping your units alive is key. You will get a few wins from other aggro decks not realizing that you are the beat down. Xenan is the worst match-up with their copious removal, lifesteal, hand disruption, and ambush. If control draws their answers, you will have a hard time, also. Watch your opponent's first hand for Fate cards to see if there may be a snowball. Embargo Officer can often take away an opponent's ability to get answers out of the market. Despite Argo Ironthorn being in the deck (and Daru's amplify, which I used exactly once), flooding is a killer -- plunder does not help a lot because the 2-mana do-nothing trove usually puts you too far behind unless your opponent is also misfiring.

Credit to Honza's deck for the initial framework: Hooru Aggro.


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2 1

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22 15 12

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16 30 7 4 7

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35 4 11 0 25


February 23, 2021


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