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Grenadin 3 f (RVL)

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Hi everybody!

I'm Travenura, the person who loves playing mono fire grenadin.

TL;DR: This deck is a bit more expensive than my other ones in terms of shiftstone, but I believe it's worth it.

I will explain my main deck choices first. Please keep in mind I won't try to overload you with synergies because they will come in the gameplay tips section at the end. Next, my market choices, some potential substitutions, why I didn't include some cards, and then I'll end with some gameplay tips.

I will also append why I name my decks the way I do at the end.

Main Deck Choices (with Grenadin nicknames)

Fire Etchings: It only costs 1, which means if you reach 4 fire influence, you can play this card, get any card in the market, and play them in the same turn as this.
Gleaming Grenadin: "Gege," or Chinese for "older brother," is in here because it has charge and an entomb ability that works well with Recycle.
Grenadin Drone: "Drone" gives you two 1/1 bodies to attack or block with.
Junk Obstructor: "Junkie" ideally plunders for a trove, but it also gets us power. Generally, I don't like plundering for power because the maximum power cost of this deck is 3, but it is still a good option to have when you need influence.
Raging Jackal: "Jacky" is a cool card. If the opponent plays Oni Ronin before it, sure, it does die, but it can potentially remove a blocker with 3 health.
Ticking Grenadin: "Tick" is a good blocker. It is also a good removal magnet.
Coalscrounger: "Scrooge" is good if we get a lot of grenadin on the board.
Disassembler: "Doc" is great if people try to remove grenadin via board wipes and do not silence Doc. It is usually good to not attack with it.
Grenarender "Grinder" lets us get rid of troublesome attachments. Most of the time I use grinder on relics, but I do occcasionally grind Permafrost.
Recycle: I personally love this version of Assembly Line because it synergizes with Gege, Hatch, and Doc a little bit and is fast speed.
Sear: Though this requires one more power than Torch, it can target sites and is fast. I believe this justifies running it over torch.
Spark Hatcher: "Hatch" is good if the opponent wipes the board and is a great target for recycle.
Fire Conjuring: This is a much better Rally. It does require one more fire influence, but all of my power gives 1 fire influence, and the effect of the decimate is also good sometimes.
Fire Sketch: I run 13 sigils in this deck, so the chances of us drawing into a sigil are over 50% of our power. Also, I love the exhaust relic it gives. It is expensive in both terms of shiftstone and the activation cost of the relic, but I do believe it is worth it.
Granite Coin: This is good for getting rid of x/1s the opponents do not want to lose. I know it gives depleted power, but it also pops aegis.

Market Choices

Flame Blast: A great finisher. Flash Fire does not fit into this deck because it is expensive. This goes for Obliterate as well.
Mindfire: This is good if the opponent has blockers they consistently keep back. Even though it cannot target endurance units, I think it's worth having.
Phoenix Stone: This card allows you to attack in the air, and also serve as recycle fodder if the opponent can deal with Phoenix Stone.
Urn of Choking Embers: This is good if the opponent has a lot of ambush units.
Factory Quota: When gotten, it prevents lifesteal mostly for your opponent because this deck has a lot of units, including 3 spells (Recycle) that spawn units.

Potential Substitutions

If you do not have or like Fire Sketch, you can replace it with fire sigils, Broken Contract, or Seal of Devotion, especially if you think that those two are an upgrade.

UPDATE 7/13/21: I like Mask Maker better than Scrooge. The reason why I didn't put mask maker in is because it initially costed 4, and because it's not a grenadin at first I didn't catch it. I only searched for "grenadin" when putting my deck together after all.

Assembly line can be played on an empty board which is why recycle might not be worth it, even though it is fast.

Junkie is decent for the plunder, but I think Motor (Rusty Grenamotive) is better because it has berserk as well and can survive hailstorm. I generally don't like plundering for power anyways because it replaces a card that could have been played for board presence, and so I basically plunder only for troves. And troves might be a bit too slow in this deck.

Card Exclusions

Ankle Cutter: Not only do I not have a nickname for him, he really only synergizes with sear, the only damage dealing spell. I don't think opponents will block what Ankle Cutter tries to protect or they have a lot of ways to kill it. If you'd like to see more cards that I decided against, you are free to check out Grenadin 3 f (AGD).
Into the Furnace: Though this card synergizes with grenadin the fact it can only target units and requires a grenadin to be in the void is not ideal for this deck.

Gameplay Tips

Honestly, I'm not sure which grenadin should be played first exactly, but I think the priority should be this: Gege or Drone, Jacky or Junkie, and then Tick. Urn of choking embers should be a consideration if the opponent is running time because time has a lot of ambush units.

Appendix: I am not very good at coming up with unique deck names, so I decided to use a method to easily discern what my decks are about. First, I write the keyword of the deck name, in this case, Grenadin, which denotes what the deck's theme is about. Next, the number after that is the maximum power cost. Finally, the influence and faction requirements follow.

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July 13, 2021

June 9, 2021


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Fenume Eternal Version: 21.06.08
Considered vows to reduce deck size?
Travenura Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Nah, not really. Personally, I don't like taking damage even if it's in an aggro deck. Which is why I don't run emblem of shavka either.
Fenume Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Fair enough
TubbyD Eternal Version: 21.06.08
Great list. Currently 3-0. Not every day do I find a consistent budget deck.
Travenura Eternal Version: 21.06.08
No problem, glad you enjoy it!