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Mr. Bluth, Justice is blind.

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THIS is the ABSOLUTE BEST deck for GAUNTLET (criminals hate it)!!!
first of all, this is the (mono) justice system we're talkin' about... so if the bad guys (AI) are guilty (always) this deck will definitely send them to jail (die).
second, it has a crazy LOW retainer fee (mana curve) so you know you're getting a high quality lawyer (wait..).
third, it's made almost entirely of hulking dudes (units) so you'll always have a presence in the courtroom (battlefield).
fourth, the few bits of paperwork (spells) it does have are cheap and potent, you'll always catch the prosecutors (also AI) off guard.

alright, so now that i've clearly and obviously established i'm a man of the law, i'll drop the rhetoric for your benefit (but i love parenthesis so i'm gonna keep doing that (sorry)).

core of the deck (don't change this) -- Finest Hour, Ghostblade Outcast, Kira, the Prodigy, Steyer's Eyes, Helena, Skyguide, Tarra, Ever Loyal, Unseen Commando, Valkyrie Enforcer, and 4x market access (Warren Delivery or Justice Etchings).

- turn 2 kira into turn 3 contracted helena is game over
- t2 kira into t3 steyer's eyes/crownwatch tactic is game over
- t1 ghostblade into t3 tarra is game over; after linking with tarra attack with ghostblade, even if he dies. you get to exalt onto tarra BEFORE her double power/toughness triggers so she becomes an 8/8, warcry 6, lifesteal...
- use finest hour (or other pumps) to give tarra additional PERMANENT power/toughness. right before the unit linked to tarra dies, play finest hour on tarra. when the linked unit dies, the tara trigger sees her as a 6/6 so she doubles to 12/12. the +3/+3 from finest hour falls off at end of turn, leaving tarra as a 9/9 (instead of the normal 6/6)
- use pump spells on a dying ghostblade to make the pump spell permanent; he exalts with the exact stats/keywords he dies with

good/budget unit alternatives -- Shen-Ra, Unbreakable, Hojan, Crownbreaker, Crownwatch Paladin, Ursa Squadron, Charming Steelguard, Scalesworn Patrol, Rallying Trumpeteer, Winchest Merchant.

alternate spells -- Bubble Shield, Silverblade Intrusion, No One Left Behind, Vanquish (becomes a bit superfluous if playing West, On the Trail), Smite

market options -- Working Together, Edict of Kodosh, Smite, Copperhall Bracers, Monarch Cloak, Pristine Light, Copperhall Chancellor, Cleansing Rain, Harsh Rule, General Fiera, Guardian Angel, Svetya, Lightbringer

the market also depends on what type of market access you're playing. i recently switched to Warren Delivery (fast market access is crazy) so i've been experimenting with cheaper fast spells like Bubble Shield and Silverblade Intrusion to be more reactive.

EDIT: the newest card added today, Sparring Session, is IIIINNNNNNSAAAAAAAAANE!!!!!!! it's like playing 2 Hero of the People on a 1 mana spell... this entire deck is keyword soup so being able to fully share all keywords between 2 units is bonkers (it's particularly good with ghostblade). additional sparring sessions also completely snowball the keywords -- if the game lasts long enough (which it rarely does) you can end up with multiple units that have every keyword in your deck. AND it makes temporary keywords (lifesteal from crownwatch tactic, flying/endurance from helena) PERMANENT on another target. AND AND AND it can almost completely nullify silence. if they don't silence your entire board, just throw all the keywords from one of your previous sparring session targets back onto the silenced unit... it's crazy, use it now.


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Power Sources
21 4

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Deck Rarities
8 17 24 12 6

Card Types
36 1 17 1 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Stormbreak [Set1107]
Hour of Glass [Set1115]


February 22, 2024

February 6, 2024


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241ackerman Eternal Version: 24.01.31
Personally not a big fan of the 2 cost pump spells, would rather just play crafty.
jellydoor Eternal Version: 24.01.31
i wish there were more playable 1 cost pump spells in justice but they don't really exist. that's why i only run 2 copies of each 2 cost pump.
reinvigorate is certainly the stronger of the 2 due to giving permanent endurance on top of almost always giving at least +2/+2.
take a stand has been in and out of the deck a couple times. it's good for unleashing onto kiras but it's hard to pass turn in this deck without spending power, you pretty much always have something better to do.
so all that said, i do agree 2 cost pumps are fairly weak and the deck would most certainly work just as well replacing them with pretty much anything else lol
the AI are just so susceptible to combat tricks i find it hard to cut them, especially because the deck already runs ~36 units.
241ackerman Eternal Version: 24.01.31
As I said, crafty is the truth for these lists. Just makes the consistency of the archetype go through the roof. Just posted my list about an hour ago. Give it a whirl, you won’t go back
jellydoor Eternal Version: 24.01.31
oh right i saw your list earlier, just didn't put together it was you lol
and yeah, crafty is very good but then it's not mono justice :) the manabase also looks a little more inconsistent.
241ackerman Eternal Version: 24.01.31
Distribution puts my at 96.8% for hitting crafty on 3, which is better than your decks 95.4% of hitting undepleted power on 3, so it’s actually more consistent, and it’s still mono green, just mono green with with better card selection and an actually good site in the market. One thing I have started testing is the fast market, I was already running bubble with merchant, I like it a lot, even though I lose a crafty hit, I never actually grabbed merchant off it anyway.
jellydoor Eternal Version: 24.01.31
interesting! i didn't run any kind of analysis but i figured having only 2 power that enter without possibility of being undepleted meant my deck would have more consistency. now, anecdotally, i think i can honestly say i've NEVER had a turn 3 where i could only play a depleted power. sometimes i have to sacrifice t1 and rarely t2 for a depleted power but by t3 i'm always playing undepleted.
as for the site -- i can definitely see how palace would be better... every card is an absolute bomb and the site has a usable static effect, unlike tower. tower does just enough for me to like it but i've for sure thought about cutting it for a big unit or something similar.
i'll give your list a try today, i'm sure i'll love it because crafty is a disgustingly good card. the real reason i'm hesitant to splash blue is because i've been running this mono j deck for literal years. i've tried every card and every combination, distilling it down to the list above (with a few flex slots like reinvigorate and silverblade intrusion). it was actually kind of freaky when i looked at the ItzTenz list you linked to see our decks were basically identical without ever having seen his deck lol
241ackerman Eternal Version: 24.01.31
Fast market is crazy actually, I got a free W off it in boss fight, I’m running 3 etchings 3 deliveries now and am very happy with it, also I saw you added a set of silverblades, I was considering switching out trick shot ruffian for it, how’s that been working out? Are you consistently getting 2for or 3for with it?
jellydoor Edited Eternal Version: 24.01.31
that's what i'm saying, fast market feels kinda broken... i could probably afford to play 2 or 3 etchings myself (instead of invigorate) but i love combat tricks, hence adding the silverblades -- and yes, it is almost always 2 or 3 for 1. i used to run silverblades but cut them when i pivoted out of the justice influence build, thinking they'd be worse if they can't make the flyer as consistently. gotta say, i've missed them a lot and they continually blow the AI out of the water.
i would definitely try silverblade over ruffian in the market. i feel like ruffian doesn't really provide something the deck needs (it's mostly win-more) while silverblade can completely turn the tide if you're behind or push you way further ahead.