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Diogo Combo

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Play amplified Diogo, play Resurface, then effectively win on the following turn when you Invoke your way through most of your deck (and can merchant for Reclaimer if you actually get all the way through your deck before filling your hand). You don't actually kill people on the turn you go off, but it turns out that you don't need to kill people immediately after getting a 15-for-1.

I don't think this deck is busted (e.g. I didn't take it to the ECQ), but it is fun and reasonably competitive. I thought a decent amount about this build and I'm fairly happy with it - you have:

16 cheap ramp cards (Journey Guide is the best since your deck is almost all units and you merchant for Diogo on turn 2 or 3 almost every game)
16 merchants (you need so many to get both Diogo and Resurface and also have a 95%ish chance of getting access to a T merchant while comboing)
8 merchant food (and snowballs are good interaction, while Xo helps to make winning post-combo nearly guaranteed)
2 Invokes (if you draw one you can just merchant it away, while if you draw 2 then you need to play one and Excavate it back to combo out)
8 defensive non-spell cards (I've gone with Moonstones and Wasps - Moonstones are nice because they double as undepleted T1 power for initiate/Guide, while Wasp is the most reliable non-spell removal that can be used by this deck and is especially good against Palace)

The market is very crowded in this deck - you need Diogo, Resurface, and Reclaimer for the combo, Display is a flexible card that can usually ensure you win post-combo, and Excavate is the best way of making sure that you can still combo through disruption (e.g. if Invoke gets Unsealed then you can just Excavate it back).


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4 4 2

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10 17 14 16

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Deck Rarities
24 15 29 7

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46 4 5 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Homecoming [Set1005]


April 14, 2019


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douglpu Eternal Version: 1.46.10
rest in peace
KGBkid Edited Eternal Version: 1.45.6
I have another version Diogo Combo Invoke the Guardian Combo with one turn kill.
isomorphic Eternal Version: 1.45.6
There's just no need to try to win the turn you combo off though - getting a 15-for-1 is more than sufficient.
VoidKing Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Boy, nothing stings worse than comboing off only to not draw or land any of your white marketers for your lumen reclaimer...
VoidKing Eternal Version: 1.45.6
I have one question: I was playing a game and comboed off with waystone, and it stopped while I still had 19 cards in my deck. I can't think of any reason why it should ever stop. Am i missing something or does this combo cause glitches?
isomorphic Eternal Version: 1.45.6
It stops if you reach the max hand size, since destiny cards are just discarded without being played if you draw them while at max hand size.
VoidKing Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Ah, so it doesn't go off, of course, I should've known that. Thanks for the response!
VoidKing Edited Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Works surprisingly well, but I changed the display in the market for what this market DESPERATELY needs: a sandstorm scarf. I know, not exactly a flying meta right now, but some people think TJP midrange is strong right now, also the hooru palace (some versions) harbor quite a few flyers. This also answers the ponysnatcher problem.
Erik9099 Eternal Version: 1.45.6
No Heart of the Vault? Also, no permafrost?
isomorphic Eternal Version: 1.45.6
HotV just doesn't do any of the things the deck wants. When you get to 6 power you want to be playing amplified Diogo into Resurface and winning, not wasting time with HotV.

Permafrost is definitely an option, but it's embarrassing enough against Palace that I prefer Wasp for now.
adkiene Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Heart is almost never playable until you've already gone off, and then it's not needed. It's hard enough to get PP to play Resurface; you're almost never getting to FFFTTT with 14 F sources (counting Trail Maker). Even if you do, that means you haven't comboed out, in which case HotV is not going to be enough to save you.

Permafrost is an option if you face lots of aggro, but the ladder is a whole pile of Palace decks right now, so playing more cards that accelerate the combo is probably better.
Erik9099 Eternal Version: 1.45.6
I guess that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.
adkiene Eternal Version: 1.45.6
I love this deck. Played it a bit last night, and wanted to share a few notes.

You note in the deck guide that Excavate can protect you by letting you get Invoke back if it gets countered, but I also used it to not die after Invoking down to 0 cards. If you don't have enough power to merchant for Reclaimer immediately, you can rebuy a merchant with Excavate to survive the turn, and then find your reclaimer next turn. I can't think of any other card that would pull double duty like that, so it's a must-have, IMO.

Ponysnatcher is a huge problem if they land it early enough. Not many people are playing it, but it completely destroyed me in one game. If for some reason it picks up in popularity, we might need Permafrost over Display (even if Auralian Merchant can't get it).

After running into some big ol' Varas, I made room for a 1-of Shimmerpack. It makes winning a lot less tedious when they have removal for Xo, since the deck actually doesn't have *that* much total creature strength, but does have tons of expendable bodies once you combo out once.
VoidKing Eternal Version: 1.45.6
A better answer for ponysnatchers here, rather than permafrost, is a sandstorm scarf, which also answers other flying heavy decks.
isomorphic Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Yeah, I forgot to mention that use of Excavate but it does come up sometimes.

I don't think Ponysnatcher is likely to become popular anytime soon since it's a pretty lousy card in most matchups, but it is certainly good against us - we can sometimes snowball it down before it steals anything vital, but more often it wrecks the combo.

I haven't yet had any trouble actually winning on the board post-combo, so I'm skeptical that something like Shimmerpack is really worth the slot.
brianorwhatever Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Any thoughts on Strategize? I keep drawing both Invokes and being unable to win
isomorphic Eternal Version: 1.45.6
You can't play Strategize maindeck because it's a spell, and it isn't worth the market slot. You can still combo off after drawing both Invokes if you play one and then play Excavate + Diogo in the same turn.
StarStorm Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Non invoke spells are a no-go in this deck for the combo to work.
Sweaty_Wizard Eternal Version: 1.45.6
This deck, rocks. lol