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Cirso's Gold Farm

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Following the success of the last Xenan gauntlet deck that I posted I wanted to share my newest Elysian list that I have been farming gauntlet with recently.

Elysian might not be the best pick on ladder right now however many of it's core cards are super effective in gauntlet. Perma frost is still great vs gauntlet that won't fetch ways to remove it via the markets. Both False Prince and Cirso are favourably bugged in gauntlet. The A.I. doesn't understand that cards like torch will kill False Prince so he ends up being very strong. Also the A.I. doesn't understand that cirso's ability is negated by unit aegis' and will multi block with 1/1 aegis units that do not get transformed into 2/2 pigs which is another thing that we can abuse.

In this deck our initial win condition is to overwhelm and push through early as an aggressive midrange deck. If the board gets stalled we have 2 other ways to win being in the air with champion of wisdom and accelerated evolution or through the very balanced card crystalize. In fact the only reason I'm playing the primal merchant is for crystalize because it just closes the game very quickly and cleanly.

Speaking of market cards, whilst I predominantly fetch crystalize, there will be many situations where that will not be optimal.
Other cards are;
Equivocate for emergency removal or lethal tempo.
Accelerated evolution to remove stuns and provide air threat/defence.
Banner to prevent power screw, improve influence or maintain tempo.
Thunderstrike Dragons for when you don't have enough threats on board that crystalize will win the game.

I've played this list quite a lot and it's marginally less consistent than the previous Xenan deck I posted losing primarily to some of the very aggressive bosses such as "sudden death" however the deck is much faster and overall ,without doing the maths, it feels like I'm getting gold faster with this deck.

Lastly I just really miss set 2 Elysian midrange being great so this deck for me is a chance to relive those times when big daddy cirso brings home the bacon. Hope you enjoy the deck aswell, thanks for reading.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]

Aggro Midrange

July 28, 2018

July 23, 2018


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Roxorien Eternal Version: 1.37
I was missing 1 Teacher and 1 Cirso, so I subbed two Dawnwalkers, and it still worked like a charm. Beat a Masters gauntlet on the first try for today's reward. Thank you!
SecondBlue Eternal Version: 1.37
Your welcome mate, glad to hear it!
Lollerpwn Eternal Version: 1.37
Could not get this deck to work at all. With other lists I have a quite good succes rate in gauntlet but out of this one even with 10 tries I couldn't reach the boss. I think the powerbase just screws you too often. Don't know why because it looks decent. I think the deck is bad vs go wide decks and board stalls are hard to break with as your only tool crystalise in the market.
jcm3 Eternal Version: 1.37
So I accidentally queued up in ranked just now with the deck after just playing gauntlet. I'm like... fuck well I have a turn two teacher maybe he'll concede. Sure enough, I laughed pretty hard.
jcm3 Eternal Version: 1.37
Are you going to be leaving in the evolutions now that it's been nerfed a bit?
SecondBlue Eternal Version: 1.37
Swapping out the evolution in the main for a temple shihan but I still think the evolution in the side is still fine for when you specifically need to remove stuns or create a flier.
jcm3 Eternal Version: 1.37
Yeah I actually don't have the champions of wisdom so I have been running temple shihan in it's place and I really like it actually. I'll probably still pick them up when I get the dust for them but for now these are working great.
SecondBlue Eternal Version: 1.37
I actually got destroyed on ladder recently by a temple shihan - shimmerpack combo so maybe you want to throw a shimmerpack in the market because when shimmerpack has flying all of the units you transform get flying which is pretty fun :)
jcm3 Eternal Version: 1.37
Sick I'll try it out
fafnir21 Eternal Version: 1.36
By not seeing it's actually a GAUNTLET deck, I ran this deck on legend rank for a few times. It performs pretty well lol. Great list thx for sharing!
SecondBlue Eternal Version: 1.36
Thanks for the feedback! I'm a bit concerned with playing perma frost in ranked with all the counters to it so personally I prefer to play Praxis on ladder however I'm sure this deck will have some good matchups and thanks for testing it :)
Siegfried Eternal Version: 1.36
God I wish I had that many legendaries.
SecondBlue Eternal Version: 1.36
Initially it's tough to get enough legendaries, however I can assure you that both Sandstorm Titan and Teacher of Humilty are cards that will fit in almost every time midrange deck so definitely worth crafting.
slyverine Eternal Version: 1.36
play the game and you will soon, it doesn't have that many legendaries.
Siegfried Eternal Version: 1.36
How can I though, getting 12 legendarily would require a 5 figure shiftstone, and my collection is not nearly good enough for me to grind gauntlet.
slyverine Eternal Version: 1.36
patience, we all started from somewhere. Build a cheap aggro deck, win 9 times a day for 3 silver chests go max level forge/gaunlet and then rare draft in draft.Myself i built a deck to play ranked in a week.It is tottaly duable in contrast with other games like hearthstone which is impossible without paying at the time to build a good collection.
SecondBlue Edited Eternal Version: 1.36
There are some great budget decks out there such as rakano aggro-midrange and haunting scream which have no legendaries. For me the most time efficient way to get shiftstone is to rare draft. For 5000 gold you can get upwards of 10 rares and if you don't want to play the draft then resign and it will still be great value. Most of us also destroy any rares/legendaries that we are confident we don't want to play and that will help you a lot to get that first great deck.