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Even J Yisha Combo - UPDATED

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This list has performed quite well to my own surprise as I originally created a similar list for Expedition. It went 3 flawless runs before losing to yetis during the 4th run. The deck is combo-heavy and outperforms any other combo deck I have tried in gauntlet (Katra, the Devoted ain't got nothin' on Yisha, the Equalizer). Let's break-down card choices and piloting tips:

Copperhall Porter - This is sort of a flex spot. This was Crownwatch Paladin in the expedition version. Mainly, Porter just helps us get to 5 power -- which is where this deck wants to be -- and works well with Reweave.

Edict of Kodosh - Added to replace 2 of the Vanquish spots. Provides a solid answer against those troublesome SS decks while also doubling as a decent answer to fly-heavy decks or text-heavy units.

Evenhanded Golem - A key component to this combo-heavy deck. Naturally, this deck wants you to dig through quickly to find the pieces that will win you the game. If your deck can do its job using only even cards, then there is no downside to this card.

Hojan, Crownbreaker - The deck's main source of stabilizing through use of lifegain. This card will often win games, even if its not part of the combo plan. Works well with Minotaur Platemaker.

Relentless Deadshot - Our pseudo removal option. This card is typically used to buy time by stunning threats and gaining extra life and occasionally allow for lethal to get through. Another solid companion for Minotaur Platemaker.

Reweave - Used to get us our combo pieces. I will discuss later your best reweave options, but typically you will be reweaving Imperial Loyalist.

Silver Shortsword - Not 100% sold on this card but it has done great so far doing its job. At its roots, its a deal-1-damage-and-gain-6-armor-for-2-cost card, which helps stabilize against go wide decks. But gets exponentially better when played with Yisha, the Equalizer on board, becoming a 3/3. And even better if you have stacks of armor before playing it.. A 2-cost 6/6 weapon is enough to tempt me into trying it out. I decided to take this out because I wouldn't always be happy drawing into this, even though it would put in some work under the right circumstances.

Siraf, Grand Strategist - One of your main combo pieces. This is probably the best card you can combo with Yisha, the Equalizer. Spending 5 to twist into a 6/* unit instead of 1/* is just insane. And another great target for Minotaur Platemaker.

Vanquish - Unfortunately, Justice doesn't have a whole lot of removal options in even-cost cards. So we rely heavily on Vanquish. Luckily for us though, our end game threats will be alot bigger than anything else we will encounter. This no longer fits in the deck as it now costs 3. Replaced with 2x Avigraft and 2x Edict of Kodosh.

Vanquisher's Blade - Extra Vanquishes with some added benefits. Try to save for Hojan, Crownbreaker or any of our twist units.

Auric Runehammer - Excellent card for any Justice deck because you often get more value than trading 1-for-1's. Can get more value out of it when played with Yisha, the Equalizer.

Avigraft - Offers us another removal option as we are short in that department. I wouldn't go any higher than 2-of here. I might decide to test End of the Story in this slot later on, but so far its been fine. Avigraft is back in as a 2-of.

Imperial Loyalist - Used in conjunction with Reweave to get our combo pieces. Also makes our mulligans safer.

Inquisitor's Blade - I have chosen to remove Avigraft in favor of these. Fliers are this deck's weakness and this card helps us play a better air game. Also provides another renown source for Hojan, Crownbreaker and Imperial Loyalist.

Minotaur Platemaker - The glue that holds this deck together. This will often be your choice when reweaving Imperial Loyalist if you already have Yisha, the Equalizer on board. A shifted, double damage, twist-able 5/5 will often win the game.

Yisha, the Equalizer - The bread and butter. This card allows for Siraf, Grand Strategist and Minotaur Platemaker to go off! Also, the 5/5 body for 4 is enough to stop aggro by itself (similar to playing a Sandstorm Titan but with a different upside).

Crownwatch Standard - The deck really only needs to hit 5 power to top out (Siraf, Grand Strategist twist and Vanquisher's Blade spellcraft). Reduces our chances of flooding while adding some additional stability.

Emerald Waystone - Benefits our relic weapons.


- Ideally, hands you want to keep are 3 power, 2 2-drops, a 4-drop, and 1 form of interaction (relic weapon/spell). 4 power hands are great too if you have Evenhanded Golem and Yisha, the Equalizer in your opening hand. I wouldn't rely on Copperhall Porter to get you a sigil in time if you're stuck on 2 so I don't count him as a power source when deciding what hands to keep (Reweave does help here though). 2 power hands are doable against most gauntlet decks. IMPORTANT -- if you have nothing but 4 cost cards in your opening hand, toss it.

- Your main goal is to play Yisha, the Equalizer on T4. The rest of the game will be just playing cards and twisting units. This deck can grind (and I mean GRIND) late game so just worry about stabilizing the board.

- Reweave can be tricky choosing which units to play. Keep in mind, the more you play this deck, the better choices you will make with it. Generally, if you reweave Copperhall Porter, play Evenhanded Golem. If you reweave Imperial Loyalist WITH Yisha, the Equalizer on board, play Siraf, Grand Strategist then Minotaur Platemaker. If you reweave Loyalist WITHOUT Yisha on board, play Evenhanded Golem then Yisha, the Equalizer. IMPORTANT -- when you reweave Loyalist, the renown triggers first, so it will play the 2-drop of your choice first! Then it will play the next unit of your choice shifted.

I have updated a couple deck choices with the addition of Inquisitor's Blade. This is the current list that has given me amazing results! I don't have an exact record but I've gotten another 7 flawless runs in the last 9 attempts only losing to Defender of the Spire and Limitless bosses with crazy luck draws.


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21 4

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8 16 34 8

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32 12 6 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]

Combo Midrange

January 24, 2020

August 13, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.49 - Promises by Firelight

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Revisions (Since last major patch) January 24, 2020


wildstarr Eternal Version: 1.49.3
I was gonna give this a go but I noticed Vanquish is in it. I had to take it out cause it nulls golem.
Pikerbocker Eternal Version: 1.49.3
I made my changes. Thanks for your feedback!
Pikerbocker Eternal Version: 1.49.3
yeah I havent touched this deck since the vanq nerf. I'll be sure to update the list though because this was one of my favorite decks in gauntlet
ChoobMaster Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.9
I love this deck. I’ve been running gauntlets with mono shadow for awhile and it has felt really strong, but this deck feels every bit as strong and a lot safer. It’s weak to good draws of flying swarms like the Aerial Assault, mono justice, and Arcane Might decks can sometimes do, but typically you can stabilize with weapons and lifesteal anyways. The thing that tilted me was that I faced the gauntlet boss with the mod “Units cost 1 less” twice, and it’s irritating because it shuts off Evenhanded Golem’s draw, but I won both times so, again, the deck is really resilient.
Pikerbocker Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Thanks for the feedback! I have been trying to work in some air defense to the deck, like Tauride Test Pilot which has been a helpful addition in certain situations. It is nice that this deck can often win the race against those air swarm decks though! I might try out Inquisitor's Blade too. Let me know if you have ideas for any improvements
ChoobMaster Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.9
I actually forgot to mention a change I made right away. I pulled 4 sigils for 4 Seal of Devotion. You dont have any strict influence requirements (like Sediti, the Killing Steel or something) and no scaling justice influence cards like Mantle of Justice so having those Seals of Devotion has almost no drawback. I think they help a lot.
Pikerbocker Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Great idea! I totally forgot about those thanks!