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Draft 024 1-3

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1st picked Minotaur Lighthoof over Shadowlands Bonepicker. 2nd picked Copperhall Cudgel. 3rd and 4th picked Minotaur Oathkeeper. Justice was open. Time was probably also open, but I was distracted by all rares coming by.

Final deck was solid but not exciting. Low on interaction. I predict 3 wins. Considering that I received 1 Legendary and 12 Rares, this draft was likely profitable regardless.

G1: Good opener. My Minotaur Oathkeeper and stranger raced his 2 Sanctuary Priests and Emerald Ring. I drew a ton of power, which was somewhat compensated by the fact that I had Sleepless Night in hand, but I was losing the race. He had Finest Hour for my Copperhall Blessing to prevent me from killing his largest unit. I played to maximize my few remaining outs such as Rapid Shot, but only drew more power.
G2: Great opener: Minotaur Oathkeeper into stranger into Brightmace Paladin. Got lots of damage in until my opponent’s Thunderstrike Dragons traded with my largest units. His Sapphire Dragon ended the game quickly. Probably got too cute with the Minotaur Oathkeeper and should have swung with multiple units in the early turns.
G3: These draft games are similarly frustrating. I get ahead early with Minotaur Oathkeeper and assorted units. My opponent found great answers for all my tricks: Xenan Initiation for my Peacekeeper’s Prod on a Loyalist Watchwing, Stand Together for my Suffocate, Purify for my unlockable unit, Xenan Initiation again for my other flier. I drew a bunch of power. My Sleepless Night found me 4 more power. At least this time, my opponent didn’t find any more removal for my last flier.
G4: Good opener. My opponent started with Lethrai Ranger. I countered with a 3/3, which traded with a Pummel. I Extracted the Lethrai Ranger. We both played strangers. He played Xenan Destroyer. I played Brightmace Paladin. Next turn I played Copperhall Cudgel on it instead of my Lethrai Nightblade to better block. Turned out to be the right call as he used the Xenan Destroyer and Mortar to kill it. I got in evasive damage but his board grew quickly. Again, I set up for my few outs but only found more power.

Overall, the deck was more powerful than expected and had good draws. My opponent’s draws were just better.

Gold Paid = 4250
Shiftstone Gained = 535 (dust) + 2200 (rares) + 800 (Feln Bloodcaster) + 800 (legend) = 4335
Base = 0.340 shiftstone/gold
Shiftstone Profit = 2890
Pack Profit = 8.50


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
3 2

Power Sources
10 8

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Deck Rarities
15 8 4

Card Types
19 2 6 0 18


October 28, 2017


Eternal Version
The Pale Riders

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