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3F Quickly Overwhelming V1.0

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So this is a three faction version of my Quickly Overwhelming series. This deck actually houses more potential for getting to the quickdraw/overwhelm combo, but I'm not yet sure if it is as consistent. I don't know why I am so fascinated with this deck but I am so I want to continue to pursue it. I would love some help as I am still a novice deck builder and I'm not great at constructing power bases, among other things.

This deck is basically built to get as many difficult to deal with units on the board as possible and eventually give a few of the units with quickdraw, and hopefully aegis, overwhelm as well to easily push through the enemy board.

Currently I'm thinking of replacing a single copy of Hero of the People with a single copy of Silverwing Familiar. I'm also thinking of replacing a single copy of Rampage with a single copy of Smith's Hammer.

Other considerations for the deck are Navani, Warsinger (probably not), Rise to the Challenge, Steelfang Chakram, Hammer of Might, Stalwart Shield, and Deepforged Plate. It's also possible I have a few too many units and I should sub in more spells like Vanquish, Rally, Finest Hour, Victor's Cry, Backlash, Flash Freeze, Eilyn's Choice, etc

This deck has the possibility of just becoming a weapon deck with Oni Quartermaster and a few other cards

Anyway, let me know what you think, I would appreciate the input, thanks :)


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October 1, 2017


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