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Very fun concept so far. I didn't really expect it to be good but it's been doing surprisingly well so far. I didn't intend it to turn out this way but it's pretty budget-friendly, as well, which is nice.

The idea from this came from how much I like the idea of Memory Dredger. I was also toying around with Shepherd's Horn ideas and this hit me.

Your ultimate goal here is actually not all that different from Chalice decks. Hold on until you can get your relic out, and then let 'er rip. This works quite a bit faster than Chalice and the effect of making cards cheaper I think can be pretty powerful -- and the Dark Returns, Dawnwalkers, and Dredgers make it not really matter how much you're drawing, since stuff comes back pretty often.

Definitely not perfect yet but I've had a blast with it so far. Xenan Initiation has been surprisingly good, especially on Dawnwalker. Makes for pretty much free removal every turn provided you can get some big stuff cycling the board, since the Killer keeps refreshing.

Not sure about Katra, the Devoted and/or Flamestoker but they make for some really, really fun combos. Pretty much getting either/both of them out with the Horn is a win condition as they generate a big threat that is probably going to take a bunch of cards to deal with.

Cards that this deck is weak against:

Sandstorm Titan, because duh

Harsh Rule, because it can sweep your combo away. Unless you've got your Flamestoker, you'll be boned.

Groundbreaker, because cutting off the life gain could be potentially problematic. That 3hp per Overwhelm is your comeback mechanic, since you'll likely be getting whacked on the first few turns.

Steward of the Past, the classic void cuck.

I noted it's still a WIP but I think there's potential here, especially since most people aren't running a ton of relic hate. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Let me know what you tweak!


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September 8, 2017


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DillerKongen Eternal Version: 1.23
could prolly fit in copper conduit since you run return / dredger (which now works with him btw) sadly no DW synergy but has overwhelm at least