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Dredger Killers

Throne Deck By
The Barbarian Camp


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The main combo in the deck is to put either a predator's instinct or a xenan initiation onto a direfang spider (or marisen's disciple scorpion, or the blistersting wasp) and then using the various recursion methods (dark return / memory dredger / shadowlands guide) to kill every single unit your opponent plays forever. From there you can win using anything - but the fastest way to close out the game is with a large copper conduit.

Ayan is there because he/she is good / he/she is good against skycrag aggro, the menace in the meta. The slumbering stone is there for additional one drops to bring back with shadowlands guide / as a target for devours (otherwise devours are good against removal / silences). Banishes used to be there because chalice was a hard matchup / still is - but armory is back in the meta so it's good there as well.

A major question people ask me is how does the deck beat the card steward of the past? Whilst it is on the board, he is unbeatable, but there are mainboard answers to the card to it's not a fully lost cause.

Recent sweetest play? Was facing vodacombo and they had out a vodakhan / two marshal ironthorns and I setup a marisen's scorpion with initiation and then used memory dredger to systematically take down all of their units and proceeded to destroy the very fabric of their soul.

Although it hasn't performed nearly as well since that fateful first day of brewing, I did take this deck to 39th in masters. So there's that.


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July 21, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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Pokwok Eternal Version: 1.28
I don't have the Ayan legendary, but I replaced him with some Impending Dooms and so far I'm loving this deck. Seems to be really effective. I'm still pretty noob though, so if anybody has some recommendations as to what to replace Ayan with, I'd like to hear them.
BadBug Eternal Version: 1.26.3
Hi, is there any update for this deck for 1.26 ?
Makhai Eternal Version: 1.22.4
This deck is a repost of LOAs list, card for card.
marcodias11 Eternal Version: 1.22.3
Hey, always loved to play Xenan killers, but now i'm enjoying your deck even more. Thanks for sharing :)
CardBoop Eternal Version: 1.22.3
This deck is delightful. Thanks for sharing!