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Primal sigil ramp

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This is an attempt to build a deck around ramping a large number of Primal, trying to replicate the success of similar Time & Fire ramp decks Ferno, Rageborn Fire Sigil Ramp and Time Sigil Ramp.

I use Grand Builder , Wrath of Caiphus and Eilyn's Favor to accelerate to 6-10 primal for Primal Incarnation, Jarrall Ascending, Hearty Warrior and Yeti Taunt Patrol.

8 Primal trigger the last ability of Jarrall Ascending which I power with unleash spells Flash Flood,Hydrate and Boundless Knowledge and a few other spells and spell generators such as
The Speaking Circle,Wind Channeler.


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23 2

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Deck Rarities
26 19 4 3 9

Card Types
31 0 18 1 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Awakening [Set1095]
Stormbreak [Set1107]
Hour of Glass [Set1115]


November 20, 2022


Eternal Version
Enter the Arcanum

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Grundle Eternal Version: 22.10.12
Does this need Helio?

It might benefit from Sundown Accord. Mono P has to be able to make it useful. You'd probably want to add a market for it though.

I think I'd gut the power base to just Sigils and the double primal influence power. Maybe the warp power.

Zac_DeCroix Edited Eternal Version: 22.10.12
Hi Grundle. Thanks for your comments.
1) Helio seems obvious. I recall having it in but swapping for lower cost cards as I needed more defense while ramping up enough primal. Also, at one point I realized I have barely cards above 5 costs and added Ulixa - though this could be changed.
2) Sundown Accord is an interesting suggestion: it would stifle the primal ramp and surge triggers from Yeti Taunt Patrol, but would start off other effects.
I tried to combine Sundown Accord with Static Bolt and Lethrai Soothsayer in a deck before, but it was unreliable to kick-off. What spell did you have in mind with Sundown Accord?
3) a few of the non-sigil power cards I use have spell effects that trigger damage when Jarall's 8 primal requirement is met.
Grundle Edited Eternal Version: 22.10.12
2 - Backlash v spell damage or control, removal v unit based decks

3 - Good point. I'd keep them and maybe cobalt waystone.