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Bots do BOOM - Praxis Vault

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Disclaimer: This is a hardcore Vault of the Praxis deck! It's not the most sensible list, but it is fun to charge someone's face with a board full off 5/5 or higher critters that never stop coming. I will include some sensible suggestions at the end for if you want to take this to ladder.

Vault of the Praxis and Xenan Obelisk have been some of my favorite cards in all of Eternal, and I've loved the Vault lists almost more than my beefy Elysians. After stumbling upon the Arcanum Monitor again, I was inspired to put this list together and I'm having decent success with it.

The Hard Core
Aside from Vault of the Praxis and Xenan Obelisk, all the other usual suspects are here as well: Grenadin Drone, Assembly Line, Rally, Marisen's Disciple, and Recogulator for that swarmy, zergy goodness that is Praxis vault.

Sparkbot is surprisingly effective and pretty easy to trigger. Your board is often a lot wider than your opponent's, so getting that little poke in there to get the Spark going is relatively easy. The 1/4 body is also incredibly helpful, especially if one or more Xenan Obelisks are up and running.

Amber Ring is an interesting addition as it allows you to trigger Vault of the Praxis when you're in topdeck mode and draw one of your non-double-minion-spawning cards, keeping the draw engine going and makes the deck a little less volatile. And lastly, because we're running Fire, we need Torches. It's just too good and efficient of a card to pass up

The Soft Padding
These are the things that add flavor to the deck and are the easiest to swap out to tweak the deck to your personal taste.

Firemane Cub is a cheap body that allows you to ping away a unit, which makes it, in my opinion, vastly superior to the more classic Forge Wolf. It's mostly used to get rid of Oni Ronins pre-Warcry, but can also be used to get that one extra bit of damage needed to remove the unit from the board. As such, it's often better to hold on to it than to preemptively throw it out there to have a body. Alluring Ember is a more aggressive option and allows you to dig through your deck a little faster, and the aforementioned Forge Wolf plays nearly as well as a replacement, though serves a different purpose.

Ticking Grenadin is simply more pressure and doubles as a nearly guaranteed way to trigger Sparkbot. I prefer this over Forge Wolf simply because of the bigger numbers, but they're pretty much interchangeable.

Arcanum Monitor was the inspiration for the list, but it is in no means necessary. While it does add another source of board wide buffs (making 11 of the 75 cards dedicated to making your things bigger), it is often a little awkward to get on the board and work as intended. It's mostly a win-more card, and while thematically appropriate, it's most likely better replaced by a fourth Marisen's Disciple and a couple of Obliterates for removal/burn.

Calderan Gunsmith is the card for that extra bit of reach, but like Arcanum Monitor it is probably better replaced by burn, removal, or power fixing (more on that below). Things like Kaleb's Favor, Piercing Shot, Rebel Illuminator, or Obliterate are more flexible and reliable, but I like the flavor too much to give it up.

Issues and Weaknesses
One thing that is missing (glaringly so) from the list is power fixing. While it rocks a full set of both Praxis Banners and Seat of Impulses, more fixing is definitely welcome. Seek Power slows you down too much, so both Kaleb's Favor and Talir's Favored are preferred as they both progress your overall plan while fixing power. As mentioned above, Arcanum Monitor and Calderan Gunsmith are the most likely candidates to be cut to find room for this.

Removal is another problem. Torches and Scorpions from Marisen's Disciples only get you so far. Piercing Shot, Rebel Illuminator, and Obliterate are all good candidates, though the latter is probably the best option as it deal decently well with some of the deck's harder matchups.

Speaking of, the matchups that are going to be difficult are flying heavy decks and Elysian Midrange. The list is very grounded, so anything flying basically has free reign. This means that Rakano Weapon lists with Silverwing Familiars are exceptionally hard to deal with, as are Shadow decks with Impending Dooms or Umbren Reapers.

Elysian Midrange is simply too big to deal with. Usually you chump away one of your many, many tokens against big nasties, but Elysian Midrange's slew of Overwhelm units. throws that strategy out the window. Conversely, Cirso, the Great Glutton is more often than not a buff, which is hilarious by itself, and that can be used to deal with it (with stuff like Torch or a surprise Rally) immediately.

Control decks surprisingly struggle with this list. There's simply too much to deal with and a Vault of the Praxis with an Assembly Line quickly repopulate the board after a Lightning Storm or Harsh Rule

A full epos later and you've reach the end! Hope you enjoy this list and don't be afraid to let me know if (and how) you edited the deck and what your results/experiences are.


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September 19, 2017


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Tasbor Eternal Version: 1.24
Lost 6-1 games
GreyAethelwulf Eternal Version: 1.24
Is that 6W-1L or the other way around?
Tasbor Eternal Version: 1.24
Sorry that was 6L-1W
GreyAethelwulf Eternal Version: 1.24
Yea, that's what the disclaimer is for. It's not an optimized list and requires a bit of luck to get rolling properly. The meta also includes a lot of lists with flyers/overwhelm units that absolutely wreck this list so you start at a disadvantage anyway.

It's a list that's meant to be fun to pilot, not a list to grind to master with and it makes quite a few concessions to stay thematic over effective. It's definitely not an import for easy wins list.
defrag14 Eternal Version: 1.24
Great deck! Very fun to use. Though still working on getting Vault of the Praxis and Arcanum Monitor, I used Talir's Choice and Noble Firemane in its place.
GreyAethelwulf Eternal Version: 1.24
Happy you're enjoying the list! I'd refrain from crafting Arcanum Monitor unless you want to stick with the theme all balls-to-the-wall-like. I considered including Talir's Choice though I didn't have enough copies to test it properly. Good to hear it's working out!