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Praxis Trove OTK

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Even wanted to get the absolute most value out of Praxis Trove? How about using Trove to OTK the enemy with a single one drop?

Credit to TRXRT who inspired this deck, and TheIncomprehensible who helped refine it

Video of combo HERE


VOID (1): Any 2-cost unit
BOARD(1): A 3-cost unit on the board, usually a merchant.
HAND(4): A 1-cost unit, Praxis Trove, and either Iceberg Scattershot or West-Wind Herald (or both, but you need at least one) plus any other card for market fodder.
POWER(4): You only need 4 power, but the earliest this combo can go off is Turn 5 due to the board setup needed (T3 Merchant for Trove, T4 Merchant for SS/WWH, T5 Combo)

Play Praxis Trove
Play 1-cost unit (Messenger Hawk if you were unlucky enough to draw all copies of a combo spell)
Praxis Trove plays Remembrance
Remembrance>2-drop from void
Praxis Trove plays Reweave
Reweave>Target 3-cost unit, play Howling Peak Smuggler from deck. Pull Iceberg Scattershot/West-Wind Herald from market as needed.
Praxis Trove plays Display of Destruction
Target one of your units to get 6+ power
(if you have any units that you want to attack with, do it now)
Play Iceberg Scattershot (this pops face aegis, thanks u/TheIncomprehensible)
Praxis Trove plays Harmony of Flame, giving you 3+ additional power AND critically reducing the cost of End of Hostilities to 5
Play West-Wind Herald
Iceberg Scattershot triggers WWH ability
Praxis Trove plays End of Hostilities
Target West-Wind Herald with End of Hostilities

This is where it gets tricky. You are going to summon 17 units and cast 16 spells. But you have to do it all in the right order.

West-Wind Herald combined with Scattershot Yeti lets you play a spell from the void. You now have 3 of these effects queued.
Your first two targets are Display of Destruction on your non-herald units to make room for more heralds. Then your third effect plays EOH on a Herald.

Repeat EOH>Display of Destruction SIX MORE TIMES at which point you will have 11 Heralds* on the board (12 minus the one you just Displayed). Make sure you're not Display-ing the herald you just tried to EOH, as it's a fast spell and will activate first.

At this point you won't be able to pull off another EOH+Display due to board limit. Therefore instead of EOH, you will cast REWEAVE.

Your objective with the WWH combo isn't to kill the enemy with pings. It's all leading up to ONE FINAL REWEAVE into Iceberg Shineefinder and Amplify with your 54+ power to their face. If you've done this right, you won't time out before you're able to finish the whole combo and Shinee should be able to do 27 damage (9X6/2=24). If you've done it wrong, you'll end up with a ton of power and end your turn with nothing to spend it on, so it's better to err on the side of caution if you lose track. Don't screw up the combo trying to do 46 instead of 43 damage if its overkill!

I highly recommend practicing in Gauntlet until you get the tricky part down.

Have fun!

Of all the ways to trigger the trove OTK, this one is best IMO because
1) It only requires 4 power, not 5 or 6
2) It only requires two influence types, instead of 3+
3) It doesn't scream LOOK AT ME I'M A COMBO DECK, it's easily mistaken for a Yeti or Sacrifice deck
4) You can actually play cards before the combo goes off. Other OTK decks require strict hand management so that you have enough power and market fodder to assemble your pieces. This deck is very relaxed in that regard.
5) Unlike other OTKs, this doesn't much care if the enemy has armor or increases their life total. Since we do over 40 damage with the combo, plus we have decent units to attack in early rounds, it's unlikely life gain will matter.
6) The cool factor of playing 5 units and 5 spells off of only 1 power (once Trove is on the board).

Swapped Xo of the Endless Hoard for Savage Denial (credit to u/DiscoIgnition for the idea). This gives Jennev Merchant an additional market target, in addition to providing a way to protect your combo from counterspells.

Swapped Houndmaster with Dinomancy Enthusiast so that we're not completely shut down by 1 (or more) Tocas. I prefer this over a removal spell in the market since 1) it can be used to start the combo and 2) unit effects can't be countered.

*Technically if the enemy is at 47 health, you can cast EOH one more time to summon a 12th herald, and use that Herald to play reweave. That will bring the total damage up to 47 (27 from Shinee, 20 from Scattershot (18 heralds + scattershot + shinee) However, in my experience this is where the combo gets screwed up, so I recommend reweaving at 11 (or 10!) and only doing 46 (41!) damage. However, you'll probably want to use the extra 20 damage to kill everything on the board for style points.


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Influence Requirements
2 1 1 2 1

Power Sources
16 17 8

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Deck Rarities
24 21 28 6

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43 1 11 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]


April 29, 2020

April 22, 2020


Eternal Version
Whispers of the Throne

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lod254 Eternal Version: 20.07.29
This deck just ate me alive. At least I know what happened now. Time to see how much I need to make it.
chaostehjace Eternal Version: 1.51.6
First of all... WHAT. Second of all, the gauntlet man silenced my Scattershot, and C, this deck is hilarious, I just ran it up against a yeti deck and won.
Ravager Eternal Version: 1.51.6
Glad you're enjoying it! Winning with this deck is definitely one of the more fun things you can do in this game.

"My one Yeti did more damage in one turn than all of your Yetis put together all game! Do you even Yeti, bro?"