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Best advice with this deck is think moves through. It's a constant work in progress so please offer advice.

More often that not just pure synergy will overwhelm most decks.

Winning strategies;

1 Aggro- Zhen-zu, Xenan, Nahid

Ultimately you'll deliver the finishing blow with one of these cards.

Using the exalted mechanic;

Remember when an exalted creature dies it will pass on skills from attachments, keeping cards like predator's instinct until you have several exalted cards, using killer to kamikaze your troops and passing it on and then using cards like immortalize or Shadowlands guide to bring them back.

Pulling troops from the void

Immortalize and Shadowlands guide can pull troops, dont always focus the same card, I've found just pulling cards with exalted can win matches in most situations.

2 Combo Lifesteal - Nahid, the immortal.

Exalted + lifesteal + Killer can easily get you to 50 Life, just having one Nahid means they will most likely stay in the deck. I've tried with 2 but more often than not one works better

Timing it can win matches, I find Two-face + killer removing one of two remaining monsters before Nahid gets summoned throws people off.

3- Support/bomb cards; Karvet, high profit of sol and Flamebathe.

Kavet mass-blankets every other troop exalted setting up great stacking options

HPOS: my average start is t1 Xenan, t2 HPOS, t3 Zhen. I've hit as high as 50 power total.

Flambathe allows you to set up a stack that you cant kamikwipe.

Honorable mentions;
Malaise can boost Zhen of a final blow and can add a bunch of maximum power early with HPOS

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Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
3 3

Power Sources
16 17 8

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Deck Rarities
24 22 14 2

Card Types
38 2 10 0 25

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February 29, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.50.8
SynicalGeezer Eternal Version: 1.50.8
Immortalize offers more options early game.

One weakness to this deck is aggro/kill spells removing your board before building up a board presence but I have tried have 3/1 ratio
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.50.8
I don't think you suppose to cast Immortalize early game. You suppose to play units 1-3 turns. And return 1 to hand vs return 3 on battlefield with buffs. I don't know man.
SynicalGeezer Eternal Version: 1.50.8
I made a 3/2 ratio version to see if maybe I didnt give it enough of a go haha.

The overwhelm is a nice finishing blow move