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Combrei Kira/OTKO

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So, I wanted to play a combo deck, but I really hate to lose against a single card as Sinister Rumors or Rain of Frogs, then I duilt something different.

The deck is essentially an usual combrei - Kira deck, but with some changes to have access to a otko combo in the market in case things goes wrong.

I tried a midrange version but was too dependent on the combo, I like this version 'cause can play as a totally normal midrange deck, but that can also build a fast combo, while every cards in the deck fits well in the in the main gameplan.

Fearless Crescendo and Pearl Abbey Smuggler can grab Silvercrest Purifier from the market, Speed Grafter takes Reap, Porcelain Mask and gives it charge, Gavel's Insight gives it overwhelm and pumps it before to play reap, while is still a good battle trick for the deck, Twilight Hunt let it attack in the same turn if we don't have the possibility to give charge, finally if we can't find a way to give it overwhelm we can use also the fearless crescendo to fly over the enemy units.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
1 2

Power Sources
15 25 15

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Deck Rarities
4 25 36 9

Card Types
33 1 21 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Awakening [Set1095]
Buried Memories [Set1105]

Aggro Combo

September 14, 2021


Eternal Version
Hour of Glass

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