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Stonescar Control

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First time getting into master with a non-elysian list, shaved it throughout gold and diamond to the place where it is now, where I'm happy with it. The deck is dangerously greedy, but makes up for it in places.

Card choices:

ruin over furnace mage: This deck does not have many boosts to units. Any unit must really count. Ruin trades well with auric runehammer, and is a trick when weapons or permafrost is in play. The quickness really pays against armoury when warcry comes into play.
treachery: Mediocre card that drops players to have them be finished off by the key cards umbren reaper and whispers of the void, but trades 1:1 in many cases, lets you know what you are up against, deals with aegis way better than removal and becomes an amazing 2:1 against an early sword of icaria which comes up often enough in the armoury matchup.
whispers in the void: slow but potent. I don't think it's worth it without Vara, Fate-touched, but together you end up really high in the curve and something has to carry you through the early game. It's not perfect, but if your opponent is too slow, this is a problem they may be unable to deal with.
voprex, the great ruin: I know it's a proverbial bad card, but this is the deck that suits it. It's a sign of greed (vs aggro you'd want a real board wipe a la stray into the shadow, but decks that aren't pure aggro that do empty their hand are a good matchup anyway, and it's really rare that you just get to play a 7 cost 5/5 flying overwhelm (that's already cool!) without hitting some cards. This deck has poor draw compared to other lategoing decks. The ones that you do have have to work harder. Voprex can pull it's weight.


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19 18 10 11

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Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]


June 18, 2017


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