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[Rank 1 masters clickbait] cranky's Temporal Visage

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Hi All,
This is the deck I have been using to ladder in masters. I wanted to play control with Scorpion Wasp in order to deal with all of the TJP berserk and Icaria decks on ladder. Desert Marshal is similarly strong versus aegis/charge/tempo. I added a weapons/Visage package as a nice complement for dealing with aegis units. I will note that if you do not want to get blown out by Finest Hour, you will ideally play Runehammer when all their power is depleted. Two copies of End of Story are really beneficial in the time midrange matchups. So far, TGP and Equivocate have been the stars of my market; Find the Way is for fixing your hand, and the other two cards are situational. In my experience, the deck has been highly favored against TJP berserk, Combrei aggro, and all forms of Time mid that are not Praxis (Praxis can be beaten, but sometimes they HotV more than you can pile them). This deck out-greeds most other control decks, but FJS can beat you down sometimes. Temporal control is not the easiest deck to play right now, but it can be fun and rewarding. Good luck!

Edit 07/27/18: I made some tentative changes after the balance patch: cut 3 Wasp for 2 Equivocate and 1 Eilyn's Choice. I think Wasp is still good, but the main target now is Icaria, which can be protected by torch. In general, my Icaria matchups have been great anyways. I prefer Equivocate to Choice as an answer to teacher on the play. A number of people have commented about running multiple copies of Choice in the deck; it is a great card but I probably won't lean toward it too hard until control becomes more popular. I know the amount of 1-of's probably looks pretty ugly, but I think it is selectively okay in a slow, grindy deck such as this. I am currently sitting at Masters #17 with this deck.

Edit 07/29/18: I reverted back to the original decklist. If you saw the ETS you understand wasp is still totally necessary. I do like temporal in my maindeck since playing it at fast speed has big payoff, but I will be thinking about some small incremental changes in the future. Cheers!

Edit 08/02/18: People still seem to be viewing & commenting on the deck, so I will do my best to SUGGEST some changes that I've been trying to evolve the deck/keep up with the meta. A number of people commented that they don't need the main-deck Temporal Distortion. In general, I am a fervent supporter of the one main-deck copy because if you draw it then you can use your valuable opportunities for market access on something else. However, the meta is fast enough that I wanted to try a deck with fewer situational cards and test whether it improves hand-quality overall. Thus, I shaved off Temporal Distortion, Moondial, and one copy of Stronghold's Visage (which competes at 5 power) for three copies of Vital Arcana. While not the most power-efficient card, I think Vital Arcana is awesome. The deck really benefits from added draw-density, and this card accomplishes what Moondial is meant to do without drawing cards for your opponent. I also tweaked the power-base to include blue Waystones. I have not noticed any drop in influence consistency, and I think blue Waystones make you slightly more robust against burn. I've played this deck to DIII and I am 5-1 with it today (excuse the small sample size). Cheers!

Edit 08/03/18
Dank 1 Masters

Edit 08/18/18: I have taken a break from laddering with this deck (for fun), but I still see it on the front page - so I have decided to contribute my most recent updates. Added 2 unseal for stand decks, scream, control opponents, teacher, and various other situations. This deck kept me in the top ~4 of masters (playing regularly) for the first half of the month until I switched off it. The only feelsbad moments are that you can get bullied by Icaria Blue. Cheers!


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


August 19, 2018

July 23, 2018


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Midboss Eternal Version: 1.37
If you want to play this deck but don't have any of the crests or the core cards (merchants and legendaries), where would you start crafting? Should i give priority to the crests or to the rest of the cards and start playing while farming crests?
crankypanda Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
You cannot play this deck at all without: Merchants, 2x Sotsk, and Temporal Distortion (listed in order of priority). I would probably use a budget midrange deck until I had most of the cards (like +crests and The Great Parliament) though. Unfortunately Temporal is hard to play and not a good budget archetype.
Dillon Eternal Version: 1.37
Never have I needed SotSK in over 50 games.
Eclipzerlol Eternal Version: 1.37
fell for the clickbait
anomia Eternal Version: 1.37
Do you think that running Siraf's Choice at the market and Elias, the Broken Wing or another high damage card like Scourge of Frosthome at the deck would make a good finish? Also, any thoughts on Aid of the Hooru? I am really struggling with aggro decks using this list. I think it's a meta issue.
SasquatchBrah Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
Aid of the hooru is basically unplayable in 90% unless you are a ramp deck. By the time you hit 8 power you're going to be throwing all your extra power away to strategize and markets. If it fit in the market it would be a decent finisher, but you wouldn't want it in main deck.

Aggro decks feel like they're at the worst ever right now, it's definitely a meta/variance issue if you're encountering and losing to them frequently.
rockytrh Eternal Version: 1.37
I was away from the game for a bit and last was grinding a Temporal list with SotSK and having a good time. I'm glad to see the build is better than ever now. Having a great time with your list!
anomia Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
Could give some tips on what hands you should keep and what hands you should mulligan? Mostly I am keeping hands with more than 3 power, undepleted or not. And yeah. I have been facing a lot of rain of frogs and vision of austherity. I think you want more aegis.
crankypanda Eternal Version: 1.37
I try to keep hands with 3+ power, preferably some crests or at least seats. I look for early interaction like Hailstorm/Runehammer/Marshall, and hand-fixers like Strategize and Wisdom. If I have too many high-cost cards I will usually replace, but swing cards like Harsh Rule are also good to keep in small doses.
anomia Eternal Version: 1.37
This deck bully people. It is insane and should make people offended, yeah I love it.
What are your toughts about your deck and this list? Aegis from duelist's blade seems cool. I would keep the wasps but I can't tell what I would replace.
lightshaper Eternal Version: 1.37
The scorpion wasps helped the tjp spells matchup though. Aegis is rough on this deck.
lightshaper Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
I have played a bit with it, I feel the main deck distortion isn't worth it either. Love running 12 crests. Cut the main deck distortion for 2nd eilyns choice. I wouldn't mind having a lumen defender in the market for the quick 5 life gain against things like skycraig or stonescar. TGP has been kinda so/so for me, against control and armory they usually have a sweeper for it and against mid range the other creatures are just bigger. Not sure what I would play over it though. It helps kill in a few turns against aggro when you stabilize and sometimes you just get it on turn 3 if you need a blocker on turn 4. I think I mostly win just doming them with Channels. I feel that card should have been legendary rarity when it was first printed, but that is just an aside. The Stronghold Visages are nice but often just too slow or just do nothing. I could see cutting them down to two. I card I want an opinion on is an excavate. Just more redundancy and combos with End of the story. Also what about the blue market guy? would he be able to be good in here?
Brohman Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
I didn't have a second copy of end of story, a third copy of stronghold's visage nor a second copy of temporal distortion. Instead I included 2 copies of Eilyn's choice and a staff of stories. Those cards have really been doing some good work as I've faced a little more control decks in the rank 1000 of master. Eilyn is so good at denying spells such as stirring sand or a channel of the tempest. And the staff of stories often buys you a turn vs aggro decks if need be or baits removal in the control matchups which makes my sword of sky king easier to stick for more turns.

Also, I've never played with a temporal distortion in main and market so I can't compare, but I haven't missed it. The games where I didn't draw into my merchants or had to get something else out of the market, I ended up winning anyway.

Thanks for the decklist and your thoughts. I've really been enjoying this deck so far! I'm on a pretty good winstreak atm 10-2.
Gaze73 Eternal Version: 1.37
I would put moondial in the market, finding one copy is not very consistent.
crankypanda Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
My thoughts: I have tested Moondial in the market before posting the decklist. We are in a creature-heavy meta right now, so I mostly use my market to address the board (TGP/Equivocate) or get more power. I am not often in a position where getting Moondial is worth my one or two opportunities to access the market at all. The deck does not need to find Moondial consistently, since it is nigh unplayable versus Praxis or TJP Berserk; in those matchups Moondial is a great candidate to replace into the market. You would never run two copies maindecked in this meta, since overdrawing it is terrible. The one copy actually makes sense: you are most likely to see it in games that drag out a long time, which is the only context in which it is really useful. In those long games, however, you usually market for Temporal or Disjunction, which is necessary hate for Flamestoker/Azindel's Gift. I think it is okay to play on curve against slow decks or decks with no reach, but most of the time you would rather do something else.
Gaze73 Eternal Version: 1.37
It's funny because the very first game I played with this deck was a mirror, and the guy drew his moondial and I didn't draw a single merchant after 45 cards. But I won anyway because I replaced wasps with 3 eilyn's choices (unlike wasps they can't be torched) so I blocked Passage of Eons and Channel of Tempest.
crankypanda Eternal Version: 1.37
Wasp is generally better versus aegis since it is a 1 for 1. That said, I will probably be running some maindeck copies of Eilyn's Choice/Equivocate once I see how the meta shakes out after the balance changes. Choice is definitely the better option if we see more control.
Devaco Eternal Version: 1.37
mind link or bust :D
Ninjacan Eternal Version: 1.36
Thank you!
jcm3 Eternal Version: 1.36
Do you ever trigger the tribute on End of the Story? If so, how?
crankypanda Eternal Version: 1.36
End of the story is there for Warp and to provide six copies of Harsh Rule. A good opponent would never allow you to trigger it by attacking in with Desert Marshall. However, you can certainly trigger the tribute during your opponents turn (via ambush, blocking, etc) and then play EOTS, provided Temporal is in play.
jcm3 Eternal Version: 1.37
Hey Cranky, you don't stream or record at all do you? Love to watch someone more skilled than myself pilot this to get a sense of decision making. Kinda tough, also starting hands can be rough
jcm3 Eternal Version: 1.36
Makes sense, thanks!
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