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Skycraggo (7-1, draft)

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Awkward to block units + piles of removal for blockers = dead opponent.

P1P1 D'Angolo Houndmaster gave me a heavy incentive to go into Fire. P1P2 Topple made me consider Justice, but it wasn't really open. Also picked up Shadow Sketch and Skullbreaker, making me consider Shadow... but neither of those factions were really open. Ended up being unsure what my second color would be for a bit, but saw some late Shockwave Elementals and decided to go into Primal, since it seemed open.

Houndmaster always died as soon as I played it (perhaps because I focused on curving out, and thus played it on turn 2 every time), and I never even drew Steelbound Dragon. However, Fire Sketch and Shadow Sketch were both pretty solid at making my units better at attacking as the game went on. Overall, I'd say the deck functioned pretty smoothly - stuff like Shockwave Elemental and Scrapmetal Fury is awkward to block, letting me chip in for damage. Then I finished off opponents with piles of burst damage from stuff like Detonation Cannon, Mortar, and Scythe Slash. Skycrag has access to a ton of reach in this format.

Highlights: giving Scrapmetal Fury +1 attack with Illicit Exchange, getting it killed off, and chipping in for 10+ damage with the single extra Rustling after every other unit on the board traded off.


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2 1

Power Sources
9 7 1

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22 7 4

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16 3 9 0 17

Aggro Midrange

June 9, 2021


Eternal Version

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