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Masters 03/18 - Elysian Midrange

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Deck I used to grind to Masters in March '18. Had a 72% win rate between D2 and garbage tier Masters (50 games total).

The two Marisen's Disciples were late additions. I started with 4x Praxis Displacers and was unhappy when I drew them in nearly every matchup. I slowly replaced them one by one until I had brought in all four Equivocates but I still needed some other filler in the 4 drop slot. Torgov was my other consideration, but after 20 or so games I was pretty unhappy with him as well. Disciple has been fine but it's still a flex spot.

Started with 4x Daraka and no Thunderstrike Dragons, but ended up on this split to better the matchup versus control as I was running into a lot of JPS no unit nonsense. The deck probably wants +1 Cirso, -1 Daraka but I just never pulled the trigger on crafting the 4th copy.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


May 1, 2018

March 31, 2018


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Nomaly Eternal Version: 1.31.6
I recently crafted 4 Sandstorm Titans and then realized that decks with Sandstorm Titan also run Worldbearer Behemoth. Any suggestions on budget subs? Below is what I did:
-1 False Prince
-4 Dawnwalkers
-3 Cirso
-4 Worldbearer Behemoth

I did
2 Synchronized Strike
2 Predatory Carnosaur
1 Crown of Possibilities
1 Snapping Brushstalker
2 Venom Rider
2 Twinbrood Sauropod
2 Time Weaver
HighOnHubris Eternal Version: 1.31.6
Worldbearers are your best 5 drops and definitely one of the reasons to play this deck (the primary reason being Dawnwalkers), but I like your Twinbroods, Carnosaurs and Brushstalker as decent substitutions and Crown is always fun. Back in the day I used to run 1-2 Hunting Pteriaxs in metas with a lot of Harsh Rules to play after they wipe the board but the card is obviously bad against aggro, so that's a consideration if you're seeing a lot of control and armory. Temple Scribes are always a fine replacement for any cards you don't have also. With slightly less low cost 5 power units you might consider subbing some of the Friendly Wisps out for Wisdom of the Elders (which is something I did anyway in the month after I made it to Masters with this deck).

There was a slightly more aggressive Elysian deck running around for a while trying to leverage Venomriders, Champions of Wisdom and Brushstalkers and dropping most of the 5 and 6 drops, so you might want to look at that if you're having trouble piecing together your top end. The deck never really found it's way into the meta but it seemed like there might be something there and it could be a good budget conscious alternative.

Good luck! This deck isn't in an amazing spot in the meta at the moment but I find myself coming back to it every few months and always having fun and a decent amount of success with it.
Nomaly Eternal Version: 1.31.6
Thanks for the tips!