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Never Punished (7-1, draft)

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Some days, I try to be disciplined and draft good decks. Other days, I decide to embrace greed and throw together a 4F abomination and try to not get punished. This was the latter.

P1P1 Rolant, Merciless into P1P2 and P1P3 Murky Tentaclesis and Imprison theoretically put me in Argenport. Justice didn't feel super open, but I wasn't picking up any other strong signals, so my picks didn't end up particularly focused. A mid-pack Forbidden Research was chosen on the justification of Imprison fixing for primal, so things sort of drifted into JPS.

P2P1 was Tinker Overseer, followed by P2P2 Seek Power into Waystone Gate... because you should always splash for fixing, right? More seriously, I've found that Waystone Gate tends to power 3+F monstrosities by itself (assuming you can play it), and that ended up being the case for this deck too. I also picked up two Smugglers at some point in time, and rounded out the deck with P4P1 Severin of the Dark.

Overall, the deck performed much more smoothly than I would have predicted. I didn't have ton of fixing, but between Seek Power, Waystone Gate, a few plunder cards, and the extra power (I usually play 18, but count Seek as a power) I was able to usually play stuff consistently. Meanwhile, with the two Smugglers to fetch Forbidden Research from the market, I never had issues with flooding out. Combine it with both some very strong lategame (Severin, Rolant, False Demise, weapons, etc) and premium removal and things worked out much better than expected, given the whole fixing situation. I think I could have gone 7-0 if I had played a little tighter, but meh.

MVP: 4x Caravan Guard. They were generally able to make things a headache for my opponents while I hid behind them and hit power drops.


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1 3 2 2

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2 7 4 7 2

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20 10 4 1

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15 7 10 0 18


October 5, 2020


Eternal Version

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