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Pretty much my first own brewed constructed deck. Looking for advice. I feel like the deck needs card draw as there are many times that I'd either need power or to find removal/recurring nightmare so I've included Wanted Poster which I can trigger semi-reliably.

I experimented with a lightning storm but it wasn't too effective, hard removal felt better.


I've removed Sporefolk since it was a dead card in your hand if you already did not have Haunting Scream or Dark Return in your hand, plus it removed a lot of your other units/spells which you don't want and you can't return them from your void.

I have replaced it with Dark Wisp for an extra blocker and card draw.

I've also removed Vanquish and instead I've replaced it with 2x Annihilate and 2x Execute as they're better alternatives.

Adjusted the overall power as it didn't seem like I needed all. It's now cut down to 25 with one Seek Power . Also, I've added one Amethyst Monument which was helpful.

Added to the sideboard:
4x Crest of Cunning 4x Crest of Vengeance as they might be good alternative to the seats.
1x Dark Return 2x Paladin Oathbook as it might be worth to experiment with extra copies of those.
4x Slumbering Stone as an alternative to Dark Wisp. Slumbering Stone would probably be the better choice against agro decks, it's cheaper,has a bigger body and it can block twice but you sacrifice the card draw which I think is needed.
4x Sleeping Draught as the card might have potentially to save your nightmare though it doesn't seem optimal as it leaves the nightmare venerable on the field, an extra Dark Return would probably be better.
4x Extract as it might be worth experimenting with this instead of a Suffocate. Lifesteal is very needed to survive and scout is nice but the double shadow influence is too much to ask for.
4x Devour as alternative card draw instead of Wanted Poster

Added extra removal in case you need more or a different type:
1x Suffocate
2x Annihilate
3x Execute
4x Vanquish
1x Feeding Time
4x Slay


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December 29, 2017

December 26, 2017


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The Dusk Road

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FireballZora Edited Eternal Version: 1.27
You could have Devour as a draw card, it works wonders with volatile units like Piercing Grief or from the effect of Haunting Scream. Also, as u are using blue, there is always Wisdom of the Elders
Vuccappella Eternal Version: 1.27
I might try it out, the only problem I have with it is that it's another spell and there's already high demand for spells in the deck, so if I have to fit it in then I'll have to remove some of the existing ones.

A good contender for that would probably be Wanted Poster. The difference between the two cards is somewhat minimal. One of them is cheaper and requires you to kill an enemy, the other is slightly more expensive and gives you some additional health (which is very needed) and requires you to sacrifice a unit (which you don't have much of, if I had 4x Piercing Grief in the deck it would probably be better but currently I do not. Not sure if I'll be able to fit that unit but I can try.

I just fear there might be times where I have it in my hand but have no units, where as now, even if I don't have units, the opponent almost always has something that needs to be killed so I can benefit from the card draw. I'll play around with it to see how it goes.

As for Wisdom of the Elders, the double influence cost and 3 power I think is too much to ask for since you can get the same effect from the other 2 mentioned cards for much cheaper thus I don't like it. Thank you for the comment. I've made some revisions, lowered the mana to 25 overall with one seek power as it seems to be enough. Diplomatic seal wasn't doing it for me.