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Set 8.0 Echoes of Eternity 6x Boosted Uncommons

Draft Deck By

1 Ghostblade Outcast x1 1 Hearty Stranger x2 1 Humble Instructor x1 1 Infinite Hourglass x1 1 Ruthless Stranger x2 1 Vara's Intervention x1 2 Aamri's Choice x1 2 Felrauk's Choice x1 2 Last Rites x1 2 Parul's Choice x1 2 Reinvigorate x1 2 Rockslide x1 2 Seek Answers x1 2 Skywatch Zealot x1 2 Smokedancer x1 2 Teething Whelp x1 2 Tranquil Scholar x1 2 Voprex's Choice x1 3 Amber Ring x1 3 Calamity Oracle x1 3 Determined Stranger x2 3 Dragon Forge x1 3 Emerald Ring x1 3 Forsworn Stranger x1 3 Hero of the People x1 3 Initiation Bell x1 3 Jawbone Hatchet x1 3 Mesmerized Moth x1 3 Recycler x1 3 Sadistic Ritualist x1 3 Seasoned Spelunker x1 3 Skywalk Enforcer x1 3 Swirl the Sands x1 3 Sword of Icaria x1 3 Tireless Stranger x2 3 Valorous Stranger x2 3 Vile Collaborator x1 3 Xenan Cultist x1 4 Befoul x1 4 Curse of Taxation x1 4 Dread Hellkite x1 4 Fearstoker Raven x1 4 Lens of Clarity x1 4 Meditation Trainer x1 4 Reforge x1 4 Savage Stranger x2 4 Soaring Stranger x2 4 Swift Stranger x2 5 Ancient Excavator x1 5 Battle-Tested Stranger x2 5 Deepwood Ranger x1 5 Elvish Swindler x1 5 Iceberg Warchief x1 5 Merciless Stranger x2 5 Skycrag Wyvarch x1 5 Slayer's Edge x1 5 Stoneshell Walker x1 6 Boltcrafter Shaman x1 6 Humbug Swarm x1 6 Sadistic Glee x1 6 Sapphire Dragon x1 6 Stonescar Maul x1 7 Kodosh Sees All x1 7 Skyfire Hellkite x1 8 Tunneling Gargantua x1 Fire Sigil x8 Justice Sigil x8 Primal Sigil x8 Shadow Sigil x8 Time Sigil x8 Common Cause x1 Seat of Chaos x1 Seat of Cunning x1 Seat of Fury x1 Seat of Glory x1 Seat of Impulse x1 Seat of Mystery x1 Seat of Order x1 Seat of Progress x1 Seat of Vengeance x1 Seat of Wisdom x1

Cost Curve




These are all of the 6x boosted uncommons in the draft packs for set 8.0. Other uncommons appear at either 3x or 1x, check the draft pack article on DWDs website for the whole contents of the draft packs.

The strangers have two copies to indicate that they show up twice as often again as any other uncommon in this list.

You can see them separated by faction by clicking 'view' above the decklist.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 2 2 2 2

Power Sources
12 12 12 12 12 10 1

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities

Card Types
50 11 14 0 51


February 11, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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Revisions (Since last major patch) February 11, 2020



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