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Feln Midrange (rank 1 clickbait)

Expedition Deck By
Team Not-Tavrod


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This is the deck that I played from diamond 3 to master with a 24:4 record, entering at rank 1. It took inspiration from the Skycrag Davia lists and the Feln control lists that floated around for a while now and is losely based on a FPS list that I played with good results before the recent nerfs. The deck is somewhere between midrange and control, with options at every mana cost so that you can consistently spend your mana. It has answers for most popular decks right now and is especially good at bullying Valkyries. If Overloader and First Flame reanimator become more popular again it might need more cheap interaction for those tho (like Obstructive Flicker).
Generally you are looking for at least 3 mana in your opening hand (Blueprints and Exploit can count as mana), but sometimes you want 4 (if you go first and have no card draw and your cheapest unit costs 4 or much I wouldtt even keep a 3 power hand most of the time. But if you go second and have Wisdom and/or some cheap units, you can keep 3 or sometimes even risk a 2 power hand).
The answers: Exploit should mostly be used on stuff that you cant answer otherwise (if you cant answer a relic/relic weapon, Exploit that. If you dont have enough pressure to kill a site through attacks, Exploit that ...) and if I have the choice between Exploit and a Grafter on 2 and dont need a third power I usually play Grafter first to get onto the board. Use Perma on big units (only on smaller ones if it is really necessary) and Defile and Growth for smaller ones (they are great at killing Valks to prevent Valk-Warp). Cover is great because most of your units survive it (the regen units only lose regen and Crusader survives it while its still stealthed) and if its bad for you you can just discard/market/plunder it away or keep it if you think you might need it later. The market Sabotage is mostly there for combo and control matchups to take away highly dangerous cards like Diabolic Machinations or Fall to Ruin. Our own Fall to Ruin will almost never be fully active, so only take it if you think that you are or will most likely be too far behind and in need of a full wipe.
The units: Most units are pretty self explanatory I think. Grafter is just really efficient and gives us access to some really strong things (5/5 regen Moldermuck and D´angolos Might into Davia). Crusader was something I wanted to try because I havent seen her much even tho she looks pretty good and she really convinced me so far. She is just really efficient for a 3 drop, a slot thats otherwise hard to fill for this deck and she will always get value even if killed. Torgov is just a big boy who makes our hand better. Mandevilla has really convinced me as a modal card whos either hard removal, a threat/stabilizer or someting in between. Olzial can answer relics and sites, which the deck can sometimes struggle with otherwise and it makes your hand better (and you can transform your Blueprint relic into a 4/1 if you want more pressure). Skimmer is good at getting you Davia more consistently and filling your void with spells for her at the same time. And Davia is a great finisher that can do anything from removal, to card draw to face damage and she provides a big threat that is hard to kill. The market Moldermuck is just a really strong unit that can win a game on its own, so try to bait out removal before you play it if possible. Reappropriator is just a good tech card against Valkyries and Sentinels.
The rest: Blueprints is good fixing and we need more than 25 power, but I rarely payed the 7 mana for it. Wisdom is important in slower matchups because its a plus 1 in card advantage. Channel is mostly there for Davia (discard it with Torgov/Skimmer/Olzial), but I also played it from hand a few times. I wouldnt play more than 2 tho without playing more ways to discard it. The powerbase is pretty simple because there arent many options in expedition. The shadow rune is really good at closing out games, stabilizing at low health and at killing sites/relic weapons thorugh chump blockers. The primal sketch is pretty slow and I rarely went for it, but it can be good in slower matchups.
Feel free to ask questions in the comments below and good luck and have fun!

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4 3

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17 16 8

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9 29 19 2 11

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26 2 27 0 25

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Buried Memories [Set1105]

Control Midrange

June 6, 2021


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leejtr Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Rank 33 !, had an awesome streak in d1.
tvkelley Edited Eternal Version: 21.05.18
I picked this deck up today, went 7-0 in a gauntlet run to get a feel for how it plays, and am 10-0 so far on ladder. Thanks for posting it, and great job on both the deck and your run to masters.
Edit: I finished 22-8 from Gold 3 to Diamond, thanks again for the list. Lots of fun, and I didn't feel outmatched against any other decks I faced.
LordPerth Eternal Version: 21.05.18
Thanks and congrats on the good results!
leejtr Eternal Version: 21.05.18
I knew feln was going to be good this season, thank you for this epic brew and congrats
LordPerth Eternal Version: 21.05.18
Thanks, Feln definitely feels like its in a really good spot in both formats.