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Cursed Mask

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Sometimes, I like to brew. Imo I think this is a pretty original idea. Not that people haven't made Mask of Torment decks before. Over simplfied, yes it's easier just to run Devoted Theurge with mask. And maybe I should be running it in this deck.

The combo though, is Zelia, the Vain, Malediction Reader and Mask. Throw out curses, deal damage, gain life, gain power, repeat.

This deck needs A LOT of tweaks, but I think I need some help on this. Any suggestions would be great, or if you would be so kind as to test it some for me as well that would be awesome and appreciated. I think this deck has a shot at being competitive.


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2 2

Power Sources
18 19 12

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15 18 22 15

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29 6 20 0 25

Control Combo

August 13, 2018


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Inysy Eternal Version: 1.37.4
This thing is pretty dope. When the combo gets going and your putting out 4 or 5 curses per turn it's so satisfying! I still play eternal because of unique brews like this.
BestKnown Eternal Version: 1.37.4
I appreciate you trying the deck out. Is there anything you messed around with or changed? I would like to try to make this deck quite better. Zelia needs to represent.