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New chalice list for the new campaign & balance changes. I played this list a lot in Masters before and after the balance patch, and everything about it feels pretty solid.

The nerfs were mostly a wash. Channel's cost increase hurt a bit, but Auralian Merchant was effectively buffed, as it can now be targeted by Chalice twice. Unlike Temporal Control this deck doesn't rely on Channels to the face and doesn't use Vital Arcana for healing or card draw.

If you really don't like channel, replace as many as you want with Sword of the Sky King. If you're doing that, I'd up the number of Cobalt Waystones to 4 for the additional aegis, and maybe throw an extra Disjunction into the main deck.

If you're not familiar with Crystalline Chalice decks, it revolves around putting up small blocker units with high health but low power, buffing them with Chalice, and stalling the h*ck out of the enemy with them + removal spells. Chalice decks can take FOREVER so be prepared.

Scorpion Wasp is MVP, as the enemy will usually assume you're just leaving power up for Wisdom of the Elders. I've had multiple opponents in a row simply concede after losing a big unit or two to an ambush Wasp.

Shelterwing Rider is great against early aggro, gives you a threat in the air, and even after eating up a removal spell gives you a Chalice target (twice!).

Sword of Unity refreshes aegis on your Shelterwings (in addition to it's usual uses). If possible, try to time it so that you don't buff your units out of chalice range. There's nothing quite as satisfying as buffing a 0/5 shelterwing to 4/9 with Chalice, then throwing a SoU on it for a 12/12 lifesteal with flying and aegis. Even more bonus points for any other shelterwings that have their aegis refreshed at the same time!

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

EDIT: Adjusted the power base. It's a tradeoff between hitting your important cards on curve and having enough sigils for seek power. Technically you could get stuck on one Time influence even with seek powers in hand (drawing one time sigil and not having one in deck to seek) but since the only double time card is Sword of Unity, I think it's okay. The current setup makes Harsh Rule 83%, and Hailstorm/Shelterwing Rider 78%.


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2 2 4

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9 14 18 16

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11 26 34 2

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21 3 31 0 25

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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


October 13, 2018


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Into Shadow

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BigSkeet Eternal Version:
is 1 maindeck chalice correct? actually is this even a chalice deck