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Mono Primal (Top 20)

Expedition Deck By
Team Not-Tavrod


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This is the deck I used to get from diamond 3 to master this month (31:10). Its very similar to Krullysian in its play-stile (play cheap threats and protect them/get them back for even cheaper when they get killed). It gives up some good threats by cutting T (Wump & Mizo, Master Conjurer), but with the Cylix nerf I really prefer the more pleasant powerbase of MonoP. You also get some good threats as replacement (Prism Golem, Serpent) and you can run Broken Contract (I am still not 100% sure, if 4 are correct or if you cut it down to 2, because they can sometimes mess you up early, but its pretty easy to get the 4/1 with this deck and that free unit often helps to put on pressure. You can also use Know when to hold em to search for Contract while you have a unit in void).
In your mulligan, if we assume that you dont know what you are playing against, you are looking for a good mix of threats (Jarral, Whispering Wind, Prism Golem, Serpent) and interaction (Maveloft, Permafrost, Dazzle), but with a higher focus on threats (you can keep a hand full of threats, but I wouldnt keep a hand with just interaction). You usually want 3 power (Etchings count as power, but can sometimes be awkward for your curve if you already have a Symbol, because then you cant curve 2 drop into 3 drop with a 3 power hand, so keep that in mind). The most powerful start the deck can have is Whispering Wind on turn 2 into attack on 3 to discard a 3 drop, which draws Krull and revives the 3 drop. But just curving a Jarral into Golem is fine too.
What I really like about the deck so far is that amost every common matchup feels open, meaning that the games are decided by player skill (and draw luck) rather than just the deck. The only exception are Sling of the Chi decks. They are basically always decided by the Sling player drawing Sling early or not (if they play it in the first 3 or 4 turns you will almost always lose, if they dont draw it you will almost always win. But thats just a fundamental design problem with Sling).
The Soldiers matchup can be tough if they drop Genetor Dovid I early, but so far I have a pretty good winrate against it. Permafrost is a good answer for buffed Shock Troops and sometimes Dovid, Overgrowth kills most of their stuff and Maveloft is really good, especially with Prism Golem. Vengeful flight can help to close out that matchup, but only go for it if you are sure that they dont hold up Argo's Technique.
Praxis Sentinels is pretty open aswell, and in that matchup its really important to know when you are the beatdown or control (when is it better to be aggressive or controlling). The buff to Opum's Technique is rough because it kills Prism Golem now, but you have pretty good answers for their threats too (mostly Perma and Huntress). Going wide with your threats (Sentinels cant punish you for that) and keeping high attack Sentinels of the board/stunned (to prevent Bond and Opum, the Gemblazer) is usally a good strategy.
Against bigger midrange decks (Xenan, Argenport, Feln) you want to pressure early and keep up removal for their bigger threats (Moonstone Vanguard can be hard to kill sometimes, you often need the market Polymorph for that). Exploit is usually not a big problem for this deck and sometimes even benefits you because it makes Contract active and gives you Krull targets (I dont think I have to explain Krull anymore, but one neat trick I did a few times to make use of a Krull in hand was that I plundered her into a shadow sigil and then plundered that again for a Trove). In the mid to lategame you optimally have a few good threats and can hold protection/revival spells open. Vengeful Flight usually really helps to get damage through (and attacks with Jarral to draw cards) when the board is clogged.
Against the even more controlly decks like Combrei and TJS you basically want to do the same, but focus even more on early pressure. Combrei isthe easier matchup because they have way less early interaction and as long as you hold up a negate for Equalize once you have a good board and they have 3 justice influence, you should be in a good position. TJS is probably one of the hardest matchups, so its sometimes worth to go all in early and hope that they dont have Know Thy Enemy or Equalize to punish you. But if you have a good hand you can still win with the strategy described above.
Good luck and have fun!

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3 3

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21 4

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8 25 21 3 6

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29 4 22 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Awakening [Set1095]


February 8, 2021


Eternal Version
Empire of Glass

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Arete Eternal Version: 21.01.13
What made you decide to put polymorph in the market, instead of the main deck? In addition, have you thought about a version that main decks learned imitator?
LordPerth Eternal Version: 21.01.13
Polymorph is to slow to be played in the maindeck. Paying 3 mana to remove something (and still leaving a chumpblocker behind) doesnt really fit the tempo plan of the deck. I think its necessary in the market because there are some bigger midrange decks out there where you need flexible hard removal (e.g. for Moonstone Vanguard), but with 8 market access you can usually get it reliably when you really need it. You can also try out Fluctuate Reliaty in that spot. Its worse as hard removal, but can also be used as a buff for your units or as a debuff on multiple enemy units. Imitator only has Jarral as a good hit here, so its a lot worse than in Ely (where you also have Wump and Conjurer). You could maybe still try it in the market to have more access to Jarral, but I dont think its better than any of the current market cards.
Arete Edited Eternal Version: 21.01.13
That was very insightful information, thanks for the response.
Comment Deleted
LordPerth Eternal Version: 21.01.13
You just use the fate of Krull and then market her away or Plunder her (optimaly 2 times to not make your Prism Golems worse). You can search for Krull with Know when to hold em and Whispering Wind (by discarding a 3 drop) and if Jarral draws and discards a Krull you still get the fate effect (same with Broken Contract).
Subzero11 Eternal Version: 21.02.11
Is there any alternative to Krull for this deck, preferably a primal card or factionless? I like to play mono decks and this is pretty close.
LordPerth Edited Eternal Version: 21.02.11
This is a mono deck, your power sources are all primal (or factionless) and you never plan on playing Krull. Removing Krull makes the deck significantly worse because a lot of interactions (Know when to Hold em, Whispering Wind discarding a 3 drop) are build around Krull because her effect is broken. So without Krull you would end up with something completely different and probably way weaker, playing more expensive units and going for a slower midrange version, which most likely wont beat the other midrange decks of the format (Xenan, TJS) tho
Subzero11 Eternal Version: 21.02.11
I get that it runs off Krull's fate but Ive been building mono decks that dont run anything outside its color and factionless and primal is one of the hardest ones. Personally, I feel like using Krull is cheating. I still wouldnt mind building this deck but I just dont trust Krull not to get nerfed and its fate get an influence requirement.