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Xulta Jito OTK

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A variation on my Jennev Warp Burn deck, this time using Jito+1-drop package as the wincon combo.

A couple quick notes in regards to the card selection, since there are a ton of variations possible for the manabase, Merchants, and 1-drop package:
- I originally had the deck in the FTS 3f because the highrolls possible with Slasher being an Empower Berserk 1-drop, results sometimes having a Charge Berserk 11/7 by putting 2x Shugo Standard on it.

- Justice does give you some interesting benefits with Alessi+Cow Merchant growing easily out of control when you combo off. District Infantry is also a solid 1-drop that can get pretty big since you usually play 3+ power when comboing. While not currently being ran you have the options of Combrei Emissary to have added redundancy with Sanctum+Camel, and Standard Together at 1-cost when you combo off as an added buff and way to protect your board from wipes.

- If you have played similar Forge Warp decks you can tell what the core is. This deck has been particularly hard to build because the individual components take up a lot of space: the parts being the manabase+power tutors, Merchants, "power enablers" to help play more than 1 power when going off, and the actual wincon of Jito+1-drops. Each part is still getting a lot of work, which I'll expand upon.

- I've tested a lot of different combinations of Merchants in this and the Burn deck. 12 is too inconsistent to draw the needed 2 Merchants to combo off in a timely manner. 16 is the bare minimum that I would even consider now. 20 is ideal but I'm currently trying 18 to have a bit more space for the other parts of the deck. The market still needs work. Ideally you Market for Glimpse first since there are games where you draw Ixtun Merchant after already getting Forge and you have to waste more Mana using Choice to tutor for a Time Merchant.

- This particular manabase is experimental in that it doesn't run any duals, but has 12 "rainbow fixing" cards in Seek+Petition+Seal. The deck has very manageable influence reqs though. The manabase has a weird composition also in how the 1f power cards are split. Running a Sigil/Emblem/Waystone allows you to to easily pull power off the top of your deck when comboing off to not fizzle. Ideally you only use SP to tutor for Sigils, but sometimes when comboing you do have to use Petition to take a power off the top. Before comboing if you already have your influence reqs and have a Petition grab a Seal since there are 4, and getting it down to 1 when you combo might come in handy. Another benefit of Justice is the Standard you have access to. Primal has a reactive Tactic that can't be played when comboing, Shadow has a good Tactic but it requires 2 units iirc to be played. You can run into board states where that isn't possible. Crownwatch Tactic is similar to the F+T in that all three require only 1 target to be played. This helps minimize stalling out due to not being able to play a Standard. Running 12 Standards gives you 12 possible 0-cost spells when comboing while also allowing you to run 13 undepleted power to help curving out.

- The 1-drop package can always be tuned, though the 3 units currently being ran seem to be ideal in this 3f. Fearless Nomad could be an option because it automatically has 3-Atk, Lookout is also an option, it has a higher ceiling than Prospector but a lower floor.

-All the units in the deck can get Charge from Jito. The 1-drops can be played before or after Jito to gain Charge. Camel+Merchants can only get Charge if Jito is already on the board. With this in mind there are more than a couple units that cost 2-3 that could be included such as Monk or Student, though the deck will have less OTK potential unless you add in redundancy to give them Charge like with Praxis Arcanum for example. With or without Arcanum it might be a viable strat if you include Stand Together to protect your board for another turn.

- The 1-of Ancient Clocktower is just there to sometimes give you an extra boost when comboing off. Having it in the market seemed too much of a chore since you'd need 3 Merchant and it would cost 4 Mana. Obelisk is fine though in the market since sometimes if you don't otk them you can market for it and have an even bigger board next turn to hopefully kill your opp.

- The market has a couple needed cards with Forge+Glimpse+Excavate to give you 2 possible combos. Obelisk has already been explained. Rujin's Choice is to have another card that your Ixtun/Fire Merchants can grab. It is a possible inclusion mb, though I'm not sure what I'd include in its place.

The manabase is probably the weakest link of the deck, though it and everything else is still being worked on. If anyone has any questions or wants an explanation for a certain card just ask. I might write some more info on the deck, but who knows.


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December 24, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.49 - Promises by Firelight

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