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Rakano Blade Masters

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Firstly, this list is a modified version of this awesome list from Team Rankster I didn't have the required legendaries and so I modified it slightly to be more budget friendly.

I've replaced the deepforged plate with auric runehammer for additional removal in the current meta.

In the market i've replaced the deepforged plate with a inquisitor's blade to help close out matches by providing flying and buffing your later units with it's destiny. IB won me many matches.

At the momment the meta feels quite slow with lots of big units like Vara, SST and Azindel being dropped after turn 4 and so the deck runs lots of removal with vanquish and vanquishers blade.

This deck aims to do lots of early damage and then, when your opponent drops their 4+ drop you vanquish it and typically close out the game on turn 5/6.

It has good/great match ups against skycrag aggro as the deck has decent life heal. Champion of glory and whirling duo are the MVP's of the match up.

Vanquishers blade and whilring duo/commando help to win against Haunted Highway but it's still a tough match up.

Harsh rule is obviously a big threat to this deck so it's basically a race to cause as much damage as possible when playing against control. IB helps with control match ups as it lets you turn a 1 drop Oni Ronin into a threat with IB's destiny.

As there's few people playing hailstorm at the momment this deck feels particularly strong.

I went 29-12 from diamond 3 to masters with this.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


November 23, 2018


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