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TJS Revenge/Destiny/Echo Combo

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If a card has revenge and echo, the echo'd copy will have an active revenge even if revenge has already triggered for the original copy. This means that after you play a revenge + echo card, when it dies it gains destiny and loses revenge but when its drawn again, you will get two copies on the field, one with revenge active still. This allows you to try to chain destiny into multiple cards and fill your draws with destiny echo cards.

To play the deck, you give revenge cards echo with Elysian Pathfinder and then recur them consistently with Dark Return, Excavate, and Sleepless Night.

Piercing Grief and Stonepowder Alchemist help you stabilize early game and become your win conditions along with Inquisitor Makto. So far the biggest problems have been Steward of the Past and Statuary Maiden which we have to silence. Desert Marshal and Scorpion Wasp are great ambush cards to keep the field clear.

Resolving Sleepless night is often game ending since it usually draws 10+ cards (including recasting itself) off of destiny cards. This fills your board with a bunch of Stonepowder Alchemists which ends the game.

Elysian Pathfinder's echo effect seems to actually go to the topmost card in your deck without echo which means playing multiple copies consecutively isn't a waste.

Playing Devour on your Piercing Grief after attacking is incredible value. Sometimes I'll wait until turn 4 to play both.

With 6 mana you can control what Elysian Pathfinder hits by casting Excavate on a card in your graveyard that already has destiny.

Piercing Grief is sacrificed at the end of your turn meaning you can set it up (or get lucky) to Devour on your opponent's turn to get blockers.

Potential Considerations:
The only cards I'm currently still considering are Protect, Stand Together, and Steward of the Past


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3 2 2

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13 16 16 20

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19 40 7 4

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24 0 26 0 25


July 16, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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