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Echoes of the Past

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Basing this off of a Deck I ran around the same Time as my recent upload (Vendetta) and trying to keep it close to the original, there were a bunch of cards I didn't have back then, which have been included. Nomnom is added for some more Milling, but mainly for a little extra survivability. As far as the Crown of Possibilites is concerned, I only recently aquired one and don't have more, I would probably add 1 more (I guess I could add it here in the deckbuilder, but I'd like to keep a repository of my actually used decks by means of these records as well)

The Deck will probably be self-explainatory, some classic Echo-shenanigans. Something I never saw others do is utilize the Emblem of Grodov. Drawing into a Journey Guide and that Power Card can make an otherwise unwinnable scenario possible, when units refuse to show up from the deck. A Twin Ritual here, an Armadillo showing up there, allows for 2 mana shenanigans that can keep the game rolling.

The Clockroaches work themselves, and one could probably restructure this one easily around Tok's also being inside the Deck.

Back then I wouldn't have considered adding Ornamental Daggers, let alone 4 of them, but since Nomnom needs an attachment for his ultimate effect, and the Daggers are very useful in adding early game survival to the Inpire.-units, as well as the Portent Reader, they're included. I prefer the Reader over the plain Spellcard mainly because it adds, specifically inspired and equipped with a dagger or two, some more Air capability, which always was a weakness of this deck.

The Token addition of a Market with the 6-cost relic to draw the cards from it can be safely removed for something more consistent, which probably also applies to the Thunderstrike Dragons, despite how much I like the card personally.

I once ran a similar deck in Expedition replacing Echo (which was banned) with Unleash, but that one shouldn't use daggers and should add Living Example at the least.

Just finished a Master Gauntlet with that one. Relatively Smooth Sailings, but maybe I got lucky. Give it a go if you feel it. If the Blue cards are not in reach, I didn't have most of them to begin with back then. However it wasn't until Armadillo was added when I saw positive results. More impressive, it didn't use Clockroaches, which I didn't have either, but instead needed to run some Troublemakers and Sauropods, which is the reason the original deck runs unstable form in the first place. That card is of course still usable, but without 4-cost and 5-cost targets of your own, it becomes less consistent in being helpful. Probably better off replacing them with Herald's Song.


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Influence Requirements
2 3

Power Sources
20 16 9

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Deck Rarities
28 25 28 4 1

Card Types
31 11 17 0 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Bastion Rising [Set1097]
Stormbreak [Set1107]
Valley Beyond [Set1125]


March 14, 2023


Eternal Version
Behemoths of Thera

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