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Rakano Midrange (Top 10)

Throne Deck By
Team Not-Tavrod


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After tanking my rank by trying to make FTS Sentinel Reanimator work, I got back into the top 10 with this Rakano Midrange list (25:5 record). It takes inspiration from the list that dominated the 2019 world championship, but of course with a lot of new powerful inclusions that got released since then. The deck has a very consistent powerbase (additional cheap power with Eyes and Etchings and ramp with Icaria), only the second fire influence can sometimes be a problem. But if you take that into account when you mulligan, it shouldn't be a problem too often.

It has good tools against aggro: Cheap removal (Torch, Defiance), well stated units to slow them down (Lawmage, Helena, Enforcer) and lifegain (Eyes, Magniventris, Stormhalt Knife).

Against other decks you have a strong proactive plan with cheap flyers, complemented by Patrice, Magniventris and Varbuk to put on additional pressure. Patrice has a lot of great hits here: Sediti and Icaria are big flyers (you will always have 6J on turn 6), Helena and Steyer's Eyes can also do a lot of damage because they can target themselves with their buffs, Magniventris can immediatedly attack for 6 and Varbuk and Enforcer can act as removal. Smuggler can also get additional threats: Plate on Smuggler is a bit risky, but if it works it quickly wins the game and Icaria is still a decent finisher out of the market.

The market also has great reactive options: Cloak is a flexible answer for problematic relics and units (putting it on a flyer to silence an opponent's flyer can be a strong tempo swing), Pristine Light is a great answer to big boards (and you can use it to reuse some of your summon effects) and Stormhalt Knife helps against aggro. Enforcer and Torch help to slow down unit based ramp, which I saw a lot of and Lawmage and Steyer's Eyes even give you some tools against combo/heavy synergy decks (Lawmage counters Recruit, token spam and most combo decks and Eyes helps against reanimator, Rebuild and Katra decks, although you should only go for Gavel if you are really sure that the opponent is heavily relying on void recursion).


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Influence Requirements
3 5

Power Sources
18 25 18

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Deck Rarities
4 16 37 1 15

Card Types
41 3 11 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Homecoming [Set1005]
Hour of Glass [Set1115]
Valley Beyond [Set1125]


February 12, 2024


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DarkCorbeau Eternal Version: 24.01.31
Thanks for publishing - this got me through Diamond 1 to masters and some other games along the way - pretty effective against the Combrei decks that are pulling all the power cards out of the void.
Serus Eternal Version: 24.01.31
I love this! I was actually playing around with a similar Rakano build although mine was more Kira based and did some shenanigans with Ijin and Lynax. Glad to hear this is working well!
LordPerth Eternal Version: 24.01.31
Thanks. The combination of Ijin and Lynax sounds neat. I want to try Rakano Kira with Calm Recruiter at some point, but I'm not sure yet if it's worth giving up the better powerbase and powerful cards like Levitate, Urge to Feed, market Bring to Justice and Palace.
Serus Eternal Version: 24.01.31
I don't think Rakano Kira is better than the Hooru version, but it's certainly fun. I play it more like the rakano surge decks that used to be popular and usually hit lethal with suped up flyer off a Trickshot Ruffian or throw Mantle on something. Ijin also lets you hit Kira's final ability more often that not and sometimes you even just get lethal off by going face with Lynax's ability. I'm considering playing around and leaning more into weapons but I don't know yet, Rakano feels like there's a lot of fun little things you can do with it.
LordPerth Eternal Version: 24.01.31
That sounds good. More aggression definitely makes sense with Lynax and Ijin and Mantle triggering Lynax is neat.