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Infernus Gimmick

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Have you ever bought a new Infernus model from a shady car salesman, only to see it die after the first run? Have you regretted getting the discount Lurking Raptors that were on sale only to find that they can't actually attack or block? Perhaps you've made a deal with a Notorious Scoundrel, only for him to betray you and draw your opponent two cards. Don't you wish you could just silence all these hooligans and get the cheap, discounted fatties you deserve? This just might be the deck for you!
Deafening Word and Silence are both 1 power silence effects you can play on your first turn to keep that Infernus you ran out for free. Make sure to attack first to get full value!
Lurking Raptors and Notorious Scoundrel are two-drops with six power if you play a Deafening Word or Silence on them. Note that the scoundrel's Wanted Poster becomes textless when you do this.
Valkyrie Enforcer can silence Lurking Raptors for a good two-three curve. It's also just a generically good card, so don't fear if you don't have the raptors! It doesn't pair particularly well with the Notorious Scoundrel, though.
Pyre Elemental also goes well on turn three after silencing your two-drop.
Sindok, Rage Incarnate and Blurred Stygimoloch are follow up threats if you get some of your other cards going.
Friendly Wisp can often draw two cards. Also, many of our other cards get to six power, so it can pair with the raptors or a renowned scoundrel to activate your Stygimoloch.
Fearless Crescendo can give your big unit evasion, and even renown the scoundrel if you're feeling risky.
Market Cards:
Dispel is an additional silence card if needed.
Stand Together protects against board wipes.
Refracted Sentinel is another big threat to get later in the game.
Ruincrawler Yeti, in case you need to destroy an attachment for whatever reason.
Master's Blade is a good removal spell, and works well on our six power units to immediately get invoke.

Definitely open to suggestions, especially the sideboard which was hastily thrown together. The deck is a lot of fun, and not very good.


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2 1 2

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10 11 12 12 4

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34 1 20 0 25


March 27, 2020


Eternal Version
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djwarpt Eternal Version: 20.05.21
Awesome idea! I hadn't seen anyone try to play Lurking Raptors, so I definitely will give this a shot. One note: I think Touch of Force is just too strong not to put in the market.
TemporaryWitness Eternal Version: 20.05.21
Touch of Force is a good idea! I'd probably put it in over the refracted sentinel.
djwarpt Eternal Version: 20.05.21
Exactly; I'm already cheesing out wins with ToF, so it seems strong.
djwarpt Edited Eternal Version: 20.05.21
A couple more cards worth considering are Twilight Hunt which acts as pseudo-silence for your raptors to kill something, and I also felt like there were not enough targets for the silence and wanted more big idiots. So I added Siege Breaker as well. Let me know if you want to see my list, and I can post. Cheers!
NoMortalCoil Eternal Version: 1.51
Love the idea! Biggest issue I see is that you can’t get the influence and power needed to silence Infernus on your first turn. Deafening Word also doesn’t synergize particularly well with Notorious Scoundrel since all your other copies will be blank.
TemporaryWitness Eternal Version: 1.51
Yeah, even with Infernus losing its influence requirement it can still be difficult to play that combo. My first draft actually had primal for Socrator, and I had to get rid of it to make the influence work.
puchpuchacz Eternal Version: 1.51
About infernus, you dont need fire influence to play him on first turn, its free even in terms of influence
NoMortalCoil Eternal Version: 1.51
I had no idea. That’s pretty cool.