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Hero with a Vengeance

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This decks aims to play Hero of the People the same turn as a Piercing Grief (turn 5), or a Silverwing Familiar (turn 6).
Vengeance or Aegis on a Hero of the People, each paired with Charge or Flying, makes him disgusting for the opponent.
Inquisitor Makto is the same recursive threat, even if he doesn't have Lifelink... But he can get it from a Tranquil Scholar, who may have been cast by a Memory Dredger.
The Tranquil Scholars are of course great with Hero of the People.

The removals are there to make sure you survive long enough to play your recursive threats. And the Hammer of Might is there because there are a lot of Flying or Aegis units. With thoses keywords, Hammer of Might is just OP.

Notables :
- Piercing Grief with Paladin Oathbook is surprisingly great in a lot of games, giving you enough time to draw what you need.

- Piercing Grief seems like a nonbo with Memory Dredger. But in this deck, it has great synergy with hero of the People.

Finally, this deck is having a >50% winrate at middle master. It only lacks some draws and can flood a little to often.


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2 2

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17 16 8

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11 32 11 4

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24 7 19 0 25


July 27, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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