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FTP Strange Expedition (Master #1)

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Expedition Information


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
1 2 1

Power Sources
12 14 10 11 4

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Deck Rarities
13 33 6 4 5

Card Types
34 3 5 4 29


February 21, 2020

February 18, 2020


Eternal Version
Echoes of Eternity

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Revisions (Since last major patch) February 21, 2020



beefguitarstar Eternal Version: 1.50.6
I guess we think alike! I also made a variant and piloted it to top 4. Your variant is more focused on midrange beatdown and stat buffs, mine is based on card draw abuse with Strange Sorcerer. Cool concept!
5CSliver Eternal Version: 1.50.6
Funny coincidence, we played the mirror like 10 minutes after I read this comment. I’ve thought about including at least one sorcerer to fetch with the farm, but it just feels so underwhelming without Soaring.
efertik Eternal Version: 1.50.5
I also having been thinking about FTP strangers, but I would build it a bit differently. I would remove Hearty Stranger (which doesn't do enough), Varret (which surprisingly isn't that strong in Stranger decks, as it doesn't contribute anything on its own), and Predator's Instinct (your cards aren't beefy enough). I would definitely add Permafrost and Linrei's Stranger, which is an absolute beast of a card, and go up to 4 Soaring Stranger.
5CSliver Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.6
Hearty Stranger is pretty essential. In addition to helping protect against small damage removal effects like Salvo, Condemn, Vara’s Favor, and Sear and helping ensure favorable combat, being a 1 drop is very important for enabling turn 2 covetous or magnificent triggers. It’s also better than Ruthless to slap a spellshaper on turn 2, although that’s not the way you hope things play out.

Instinct is great with Grodov, but it also lets you get double triggers from covetous and magnificent in a single turn, which is a very potent addition to a 1 mana removal spell. However, cutting to 3 or 2 wouldn’t be unreasonable.

I did end up cutting Varret to 1 because I realized it needed more power. Will be trying Linrei’s stranger soon but I’m skeptical about it being better than Battle-tested, which is the direct competition. I’m happy with the current number of Soaring Strangers in the current meta, but if a high enough % of decks were trying to block with non-strangers on the ground 4 could be justified.