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(Budget) Warp Charge

Throne Deck By
Eternal Brew


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From now on I consider promo cards that you can get from chapters in Budget decks. Reason for that is that you don't need deck to get those as well as it doesn't cost anything to you other then time. Due to this, actual cost of the deck is 4,850 shitstone in commons and uncommons.

Deck Description
Explosive tempo deck with option to play 5 cost drop turn 3. It can be really fun to play or it can be complete disaster if you don't get your cards.

Game Plan
Play your ramp units turn 1 and 2. Play Patrice, Outcast Queen turn 3 and play your threats from top of your deck having Charge while you have Patrice on board.

Cards & Reasoning
- Initiate of the Sands: classic turn 1 body.
- Praxis Adept: ramp body, but it's quite hard to play it turn 1. It's possible, but not guaranteed to play it turn 1.
- Hive Delivery: market access and cycling card. You can play it just to draw a card and later on play your market card.
- Avirax Familiar: ramp body, nothing special.
- Secluded Druid: our ramp and good body to get buff from Rapid Development. With amount of ramp bodies we have it can be letal attack if we have no threats.
- Solfire: removal and possible finisher.
- Surveying the Rift: our draw for deck. It can hurt your power draw, so don't play it unless you have 5-7 max power.
- Combustion Brawler: one sided health gain disabler, block disabler and potentially unblockable win condition.
- Rampaging Rabbit: average stats, but great utility and reach.
- Krogar, Burdened Hero: good stats and great effects.
- Patrice, Outcast Queen: main card. Whole deck built around this card. Most value we get from playing it one time.
- Jackal King: big body with a reach and embedded sustain.
- Pillar of Amar: unit that makes 5/5 bodies and if you have Patrice, Outcast Queen on board, they get Charge.
- Relentless Hare: one of the best cards in this deck. A lot of stats that are great for this card. Instant value.

- Infinite Hourglass: option to be aggressive and defensive at the same time, also protection from Stun.
- Porcelain Mask: reach for threats.
- Unmake: relic removal.
- Xenan Initiation: unit removal.
- Rapid Development: Plan B, one attack kill.

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Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
2 3

Power Sources
19 21 13

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Deck Rarities
15 41 13

Card Types
36 2 15 0 27


November 24, 2023

January 22, 2023


Eternal Version
Battle Lines

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Revisions (Since last major patch) November 24, 2023



EnForceR Eternal Version: 23.01.18
Looks promising, def worth try out
EnForceR Eternal Version: 23.01.18
Yeah it really fun. Never got so much power, enjoyable 4 those who hate being stuck on 2 power, lol. Just added Passage of Eons instead of Unmake & Barbarian Guerrillas to already have units with overwhelm on the board when Rapid Development comes 2 play.
P.S Patrice, Outcast Queen was very fun 2 play.