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Budget Stonescar tokens/go wide

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A fairly budget friendly deck. I don't have much of a collection and don't spend anything. I only really started playing in december. This is my attempt at an aggro token go wide type strategy, playing lots of little guys with Rally and those kinds of effects.

I'd seen some parts of the deck in draft and it looked to me that there was enough support to make this kind of deck, and it didn't need much for me to craft. I started w no legends at first, but I opened some Scraptanks and Bandit Queens, and I enjoyed the deck enough to craft the rest.

The mana base is mostly what lands I have, and whatever I could squeeze in with the goal of casting everything, and being able to work with what comes in depleted and hopefully hitting at least 5 for the Scraptanks and to play Cabal Repeater guy and activate him on the same turn.

To make it even more budget friendly you can take out

Bandit Queen and replace with Stonescar Outfitter

And replace Scraptank with Outlaw Ringleader

Or try Unkindness or Manufacture

The main thing being any card that makes more guys then the usual rate of one guy per card.

Manufacture is clunky and almost never gets warped, and Unkindness is fantastic when it works, but I've had so many games where I was counting on it and it was just a blank card from turn 2 until I died, so I gave up on it entirely.

Hope someone else enjoys the list, since most of my decks are just the starters and other theme decks with whatever good cards I've opened this is basically one of my better performing lists, even tho it's not tier 1 or anything.


3/13/20 - somehow FINALLY noticed Strange Burglar is a card, in Eternal that exists, somehow I went weeks playing with the new set and cards and took that entire time to notice there was a rare card that looks like it was made specifically to go into this deck. So I crafted and added that in about as fast as I have ever done anything in this game, started out trying +3 Strange Burglar and -1Barbarian Camp, -1Scraptank, and -1Torrent of Spiders.

After I get a lot of games in with this change I can decide what I want to do with these numbers more exactly, I can imagine running 4 Strange Burglar for sure, but I want to get a feel for how to best fit them in.

I am always trying to think of ways to fit more relics in for Rat Cage, so even shaving one doesn't feel great.

Scraptank costs a ton at 5, and it feels real bad to open a hand with multiples, but I am also usually pretty happy everytime I hit 5 and play one, although never as happy as when the game is already over or essentially over before then.

And Torrent of Spiders often has times where it is by far the best card in the deck or one of the ones I most badly need to topdeck, but it is another one where drawing multiples in the opener is a real bummer, and it is pretty rare to play it on curve.

Sometimes you look at your hand and just know that cashing it in for a single body is the right play just to have one more guy to juice with Rally or Bandit Queen or whatever, but that is not the usual case, so it is def more of a lategame card then its 3 cc would suggest.

So shaving those to cram in some Strange Burglar all made sense for now, eventually I will figure out what I want to do with it going forward, I will update when I get there.

Thanks to everyone who cares enough to read all the way through my token homebrew rambles.

ps I can't be the only one sad that Torrent of Spiders tokens aren't 1/2s that have reach can i? and also i did the edits and tried to card tag every card this time

Strange Burglar is a HERO not a stranger!


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March 14, 2020

February 18, 2020


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Furious_George Eternal Version: 1.50.10
Also I feel that I should note, when I first started this, it was indeed a pretty budget friendly deck. I played it for a long time and bought or opened the legends one at a time, that sort of thing, and even as the cost of the deck increased I made sure to make note in my writeup what my budget options were, and these were based on the cards I did actually use until I had more expensive replacements.

As it is today, it really isn't all that much of a budget friendly thing, but it has morphed from my favorite homebrew into something that, while I wouldn't really call it Tier 1, (but I do think whatever the good Shrine version is, that is quite possibly Tier 1, I don't know for sure for myself yet), while I would not call it Tier 1, I think it could actually be a pretty real Tier 2. I hit master a couple months in a row for throne, and I still have a good record with this, and I do beat real, actual decks with it.

The deck can fight through other aggro, or midrange that plays the best and beefiest, or the evengolem/mulldrifer parade. The deck can actually fight through 1, 2 or sometimes even more board wipes, (timely Torrent of Spiders being very important here) as long as those board wipes arent multiple Black-Sky Harbinger. I have even won through those but not very damn often.

My only point is this deck feels more and more like a legit tier 2, and I have won plenty of games vs people who are running decks that are the real deal, and it always feels great to do that over and over using your own janky homebrew that cant even run a token swarm right and use shrine like its supposed to.
Furious_George Eternal Version: 1.50.10
Ok, Strange Burglar was indeed completely amazing, and a fantastic upgrade to this deck in basically every way. Now obv. the following anecdote is just that, pure anecdote, but hilarious enough that I have to mention it, and if I hadn't lived through it happening like it did I would dismiss it as pure fiction, and really unoriginal on top of that.

My very first game after I jumped in, crafted some Burgs, and added them to my baby brew, the VERY 1st game I played w burgs added, I hit all of my 1st 6 power drops right on time, and the 1st game! with my 1st burg! ever I ended up dropping it on curve, t6, attacked with my small crew of now slightly burg enbuffed tokens, so he came down and right away added a few dmg to the opps face pseudo-haste style. (I think it came out to 4 or 5 extra damage) Then he used my last 2 power to trade in one of my rat tokens post attack, and rat-cestral recalled! Amazing! It was just like I drew it up! JEENYUS! (pls dont take me seriously here, I am not, but still wow, my 1st try I got full value and it felt amazing all right, one hell of a turn w 6 power and 1 card)

I could not believe it, but 1st game I ever tried with the, in the deck I somehow got the full value from him, extra dmg from a team buff then right into post combat value town. The game was swiftly ended after that, and to be fair I am almost certain that every bit of that sequence was just purest win more and I would have won if my new fav burglar had been anything else at all, but it sure was fun and exciting to get all that out of a single card on the very 1st time I took him out for a date!

It absolutely gave me what is probably a hugely overestimation of its real value, but it def seemed almost as good as a single card could possibly be to add to this list. I haven't managed a ton of games with him yet but I do feel that I want the full 4 in very badly, the only issue being what I want to cut for him. My current list ended up being

-1 Torrent of Spiders
-2 Barbarian Camp
-1 Scraptank

making room for the full +4 Strange Burglar

All that feels pretty good, but I will absolutely play a lot more games, and possibly try other configurations, and I am very likely to spend much much more time on the question than it deserves. I do feel super confident that my list wanted 4 added in somehow, so this is my current guess.

It is a little tough, because I was pretty happy with the list as it was, burglar is just that great in here tho. I always want more relics to help justify the Rat Cages, but that has been tough all over, right now I probably have the absolute bare minimum of relics to even still be running them at all.

My final note here is that I keep wanting to try to sneak in Unkindness because them making rat tokens puts them a lot farther into justifiably playable, instead of being 2 drops that are stone blanks right up until you die looking at them and cursing their, uh, unkindness. I did run them for some time, but I had so so many bad experiences. I might give some number another go sometime, if I can ever figure out how to squeeze a few in. I will keep this all updated.

Thanks again to anyone who is following all this!
Furious_George Eternal Version: 1.50.10
also WHOA what the heck, how have i slept on Strange Burglar all this time?!?! I guess its cause I havent opened a single one? Good lord but I probably should be running at LEAST one somewhere in here!!
I don't think it replaces Bandit Queen or anything crazy like that, but it probably ought to be in over Scraptank, as the whole point of that card is to be top of the curve gas anyway, so the burglar ought to function as something in between queen and tank, it comes down t4, does the extra damage thing, but then it can pop tokens off for painful ancestrals to keep some gas moving.
I am going to start a couple of those in as soon as I log in again, and see how they work out. Probably do something like 2 tanks out and 2 burglars in. I can absolutely see maybe playing all 4 tho, the card looks perfect for this deck and i am astonished I have gone this long without noticing it.
Furious_George Eternal Version: 1.50.10
i guess the other option is try to take out camps and put burglars in, which makes the rat cages less exciting. I need to get some games in and figure which card id rather take out for the burglars, I 100% want the burglars in tho and I will not be surprised if I end up running the set of 4.
Maybe 2 camps out 2 tanks out, I don't know, there are def games where the camp +1 bonus lasting for more than a turn is a huge deal, but its not a large enough percentage to turn my nose up at a 5/4 body and the draw 3 thing.
Furious_George Eternal Version: 1.50.10
i could maybe see cutting a single torrent as well, since they only get good after large numbers of tokens hit the bin, so they range from being a terrible rate for a spider to the best card in the deck, but since they are almost always the last card out of your hand 3 might be a reasonable number to work with.
Furious_George Eternal Version: 1.50.10
so cutting a tank a torrent and a camp gets room for 3 burglars and that doesnt sound bad either, cant wait to go try this out!
Furious_George Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.9
So I am still very happy with this list. It is the deck I play the most probably, it is almost always my go-to for winning my daily pack, and it has carried me to throne master each month I have played it.

At some point, once I have the cards I need, I will try a version of this that leans more heavily on Rat Cage, and Shrine to Karvet. At that point it will be a lot different, really another deck entirely, and will play out a lot differently also. It will still try to flood the board with tokens, but it will have a lot of sac effects to use shrine, and a lot of those sac effects will be card draw so it can dig for shrine and cage. Kindling Carver will be a 4x in that deck, count on that, other sac effects will include Devour, and then I am unsure what and how many else, how many sac/shrine activations will you ever realistically need? Something I will have to play a lot and figure out, Combust is another one I think will be likely. Kato, Arena Herald

I will post it when I build it and work on it enough to have something I like. I have no idea how long it will be, since it mostly depends on when I either open enough of the cards I need or have the shiftstone to craft it.

Meanwhile this deck has been good to me, if anyone else has tried it out let me know what your experiences have been.
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.50.6
Your list can be much better for same shiftstone cost. If you interested I can help you with it. If you have Queen & Tank it's huge.
Furious_George Eternal Version: 1.50.6
Well I am really happy with the deck, it wins a surprising amount, and I have tried just about everything I could think of that I have access too, but sure how could it be 'much' better?
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