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Argenport Draft. Got Rolant! 7-2

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So, my first pick was Bartholo's Keepsake

Usually, in drafts I try to stick close with my original picks. It gives me a wider usable card selection, also cards fit well into my colors. but the card pool overall is weaker in terms of power level. I like this way.

Also, I think draft is sort of like "dress for the job you want" - but it's "draft cards for the deck you want". In the case of this deck, I actually didn't have much of a plan. As it was my secont Eternal draft (I've mostly drafted MtG).

I felt this deck was going to be weak. I munnie grabbed Invoke the Waystones.but after I had got the Rolant, Iron Tyrant as pack four 2nd pick, I felt much better about my chances.

And the second Bartholo's Keepsake sort of fell into my lap on pack 2. Never meant to build my draft strategy around that card.

Second draft. And first to win 7 games. I lost to one mega BS opponent. They mulled to 6. Then basically played crap for the entire game. Then turn 6 played Svetya, Lightbringer. THEN, after that, their Felrauk's Infiltrator grabbed my Rolant, Iron Tyrant and he just basically won because he pulled Svetya. I think I will have PTSD forever about that game. So salty.

Also, had 2nd copies of Badge of Honor and Blade of the Worthy but they didn't make the deck. Also there were a few other unused card sin the side but I forget what they were.


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August 21, 2020


Eternal Version
Argent Depths

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