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Justa buncha rascals !

Throne Deck By
The Queensguard


Cost Curve




hiya ! name's Lúcia (dysis in-game) and this is a guide to the deck i got from AhornDelfin , changed up the market a bunch and got myself a nice 14 winstreak in throne !

the base plan of the deck is to deploy yetis early , buff 'em up with your 8 three-cost xenan obelisks , and use removal to clear up their good blockers so you go ham on the oponents face !

update the third : ahorn showed a version of the market that cuts edict and downpour , adding sear and unity within. i found it pretty interesting because you lose the hard-hosing power of edict as unconditional removal and downpour as a one-sided boardwipe , both which require a certain kind of matchup to work , and instead put the weight of removal under Sear , which opens up a slot to run Unity Within (which is a good card that doesn't quite fit the market when you're running edict and downpour) . also that version is a bit better at getting reach agaisnt ultra stalls (sear does more damage than downpour and backlash , and if the board is so gummed up that neither pyre nor edict opens a good attack , sear to the face is your best bet)

update update : Alison wrote an amazing article about the deck , i highly recommend giving it a read ! Also the powerbase should be settled on 0 seat, 1 of each sigil , 4 diplo seal , and fill the rest of the sigil slots with waystones , favoring primal

update : Alison convinced me that even more sigils in case of ice bolt/decree is better than waystones ! also cut Unity Within for Torrential Downpour , turns out it's kinda rare for Unity to produce more board presence than Pyre , and the uptick of the yetis mirror (beware the pok!) and carver decks makes Downpour more useful. if you aren't facing any decks which downpour would be useful , it's alright to slot in Unity as another board development option. if you're somehow playing against relics that actually matter against you (Shrine To Karvet doesn't count because downpour would still be better) , you could play Slag instead of Edict because you still get the very important Oh No Thats A Sandstorm Titan option and you get to blow up a relic too ! But that hasn't come up to me yeti

Heres some card by card tips,starting with the market :
- Blazing Salvo and its cohort : on 3 power , you can use it to deal 2 to a unit (preferably the oponents ones) and get Pyre Elemental as a 2 cost 4/3 Charge unit which is very busted .

-Edict is there to delete a good blocker (because time units are a pain to deal with , im looking at you sandstorm titan), and also it kills icaria in a pinch (salvo pops aegis , edict turns her into a tota pup).

(Currently removed) -Unity Within kinda competes with Pyre Elemental as the Stats That Go Face slot but its a 3 power xenan obelisk that also deals 2 to something so thats good . also note : the emblems , pyre elemental and snowmens (from prank and sometimes Thudrock) are all Elementals so it might be right to use Unity on an elemental

-Backlash is a way to deal with spells that really ruin your day , like harsh rules , hailstorm and reanimator's Grasp. this one is pretty important to know that you can use Salvo on your own unit , because dealing 2 to pokpok and surprise-countering a harsh rule is really good. you can also use it to deal with single target removal on one of your scarier units, but usually playing Pyre Elemental is better than the unit you could save

-Inspired Prank can be played for 3 out of your market if two of your yetis(so emblems and pyre elemental wont count) connect with the oponents face (the yetis with overhelm , jumpkick from the site and wump's triggers help with that, as well as removal for their blockers) . its a very good way to add to the board without spending a card and hold units in hand if your oponent might play a boardwipe (and you cant hold up backlash going into their turn). against non-boardwipe decks , youll want to wait until the snowman is a 3/3 or bigger if you still have other units to play , because paying 3 for a free 1/1 or 2/2 is slow. do note that the site makes the snowman bigger with the passive , feeds it upwards of three spells and helps you achieve the bargain

Ok thats it for market ! now to the main deck :

Torch : its slow , its the best cost-to-burn ratio in the game , it kills blockers , it goes face for lethal , diogo combo is the only fire deck in throne that shouldnt be playing it

Permafrost : its absurdly power efficient , takes out any blocker that doesnt have endurance or aegis or "Is Shen-ra", and if the oponent goes out of their way to get attachment removal just to trade with your 1 cost maindeck card that got you a free turn of attacking , thats a pretty good deal for you

Ice Bolt : you wanna save it to deal with a unit you couldnt deal with otherwise (like sandstorm titan , who is immune to pretty much everything else you can do maindeck) . giving your oponent a free sigil is a real cost ! also if you have an overhelm yeti , you can use it on the unit that is blocking your overhelmer and get that sweet sweet face damage

Pokpok : play a 3 attack yeti on 2 , bond pokpok , you got yourself a zero cost 1/5 that gets buffed by your 3 cost xenan obelisks and also draws you a snowball that kills 2 health things that dare to block the pok , make oni ronin remember why it's obsolete, pop aegis , or just finish off a unit that blocked your "chump attack" . it's surprising how often ladder players forget that pok gave you a snowball after a turn or two after you bond pok. Also snowball is solid market fodder for salvo

Mischief Yeti : on 2 power you can play them + pokpok if you're missing a 3 attack yeti . also you can use jump kick from the site to trigger renown for a snowball , that can be used as removal , burn or market fodder . in a pinch (mostly yeti-being-removed variety) you can salvo your own Mischief and use the snowball as market fodder ! also you can use a snowball on your own mischief, if its buffed to survive it, and get another snowball , which makes Prank and Glider bigger !

Powderglider : this new addition has the hidden keyword Doesnt Die To 1 Damage , which is rare among yetikind. if your oponent gets an Echo and they play a power that can represent Snowball (technically called Jotun Hurler), its good to lead with glider so they dont get an easy "snowball,pass" turn. every spell you play gives glider +1/+1 for the turn , so you can use fast spells as combat tricks , slow spells before combat to grow glider , and very importantly , with the site out , glider is a baseline 3/4 during your turn , which by itself is enough to attack into Open Cat Mana safely (Sabertooth Prideleader is the number 1 counter to yetis , card is just upsetting). Also you get to stun a flyer sometimes which is kinda absurd when it happens, just deletes a sediti, rizhan, valk enforcer or xo . and you can use Jumpkick from the site to give an enemy unit flying and then glider to stun them , which feels super cool and it's pretty good.

Yeti Spy : its the best 1 drop to play if theres no echo triggers from the oponent and youre going first , because infiltrating is very rewarding but gets way harder after your oponent has started playing cards. very important : if you have a wump out , spy will get you a card as soon as they enter and toss some snow at the oponents face, so if you Scout and see a spy and you know youll be able to play them with wump out next turn , keep the spy on top because its a 1 cost temple scribe which is very good

Fearless Yeti : its the one you play because it bonds pokpok for free the turn you play them, for the most part , but the overhelm and scouting are nice

Yeti Pioneer : its the 2 drop you want to play first because getting that extra power is very , uh , powerful earlier it is in the game. the best turn 2 is usually playin Pioneer and bonding that good good pok. also if you have a third power , playin pioneer on 2 and attacking on 3 gets you 4 power , so thats double 2-drop or unit+removal which is a very good way to get ahead . but the pioneer has to live so , before keeping a triple 2-drop hand, consider that your oponent will want to remove the pioneer

Champion Of Fury : this one is your main source of complicated influence ordering (do it around diplo seal for extra points) , since the rest of the non-fire-emblem cards only require you to have 1 fire and 2 primal. its also usually the last 2 drop you want to play , because Charge. you only need 2 fire or 2 primal to bond pokpok for free , but if you got charge you have to consider the value of face damage versus board development (if youre about to drop a 3 cost xenan obelisk next turn , the value of pokpok bond goes up, if next turn you can play another unit that bonds pokpok its prob good to get that extra face damage now ). Also people are very scared of ChaFu so they will want to trade , which can let you get a smaller yeti thru a bigger blocker sometimes .

Wump : The original three cost obelisk ! your oponent will want to spend removal on wump ASAP so watch out if they got free power and they get a response stop when wump enters play and tosses a snowball at them. wumps passive pops face aegis , gets yeti spy infiltrated , and counts towards the Bargain on prank ! if youre planning on leaving no other blockers back and your oponent has units , you wanna play wump before the site because the site would die on the crackback/have to spend the valuable Fend Off stun to protect itself . also wump gets buffed by the site so thats an extra attacker that the site will buff

Thudrocks Masterwork : gee skycrag , how can dwd let you have three sites and they are all great centerpieces on their respective decks? good question ! snowball does snowball things (make your oponent regret playing 1 health units, pop face aegis , make for funny lethals , use it as a self-destruct button instead of conceding at 1 health) , jump kick lets you force one attacker thru / get renown on mischief yeti / let you gasp in awe at the 4/8 flying pokpok, angel (and devil) among yeti. the real good spell on this site is fend off , because it deletes a blocker for 2 turns (and an attacker for 1 turn , so the site gets to protect itself). it buffs the snowman from prank (both as a passive and also because extra spells generated). its really really easy to break this site so its alright to use it as xenan obelisk for 1 or two turns , get a stun and something else thats useful , and then force your oponent to spend a blocker attacking the site . the unit you get from completing the agenda is nothin special but hey its a hefty body ! if you ever connect with thudrock and make extra snowmen , youre essentially at the BM stage of being ahead . wump makes it so when thudrock spawns you get an instant snowmen but its pretty rare to have 4 turns of masterwork And untapping with wump And the oponent not conceding

Power : one off each sigil , for ice bolt and royal decree purposes ,some waystones bc you dont really care about the second sigil ,so its a freeroll. if you dont have a 1 drop , banner on 1 is your best play, and if the oponent has power up and you wanna play a banner undepleted , play it before attacking with your unit. insignia is just a really comfy always undepleted source (unless something weird happens, dont worry abt it) . for diplo seal , the main order of influence is 1st primal , 1st fire , 2nd primal (for wump and site and emblem) , 2nd fire (for emblem and chafu charge)

emblems are a big payoff for being 2 factions and very low curve , since anything in the deck or market can be played for 3 power or less . you can decimate to get to 4 power for the turn , play other stuff , and have 3 power to play the unit in a following turn (the extra unit is pretty important for not running out of gas). if you have 3 power out and 2 emblems , you can decimate one , play other stuff , and on the next turn decimate the other and have 4 power to play both the elementals


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
1 2

Power Sources
14 15 8 4

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Deck Rarities
26 17 27 4 4

Card Types
33 4 14 4 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]


March 11, 2020

February 29, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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Revisions (Since last major patch) March 7, 2020


smokinadoobs Eternal Version: 1.50.8
Thoughts on Common Cause? No seats, so could cut some Sigils for them.
LuciaDysis Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.8
Common Cause was tried out and discarded from the list before i started playing eternal , ended up being a worse diplo seal that would be inactive more often than you'd like , but if you try it out and feel like it's consistently better than sigils/waystones , go for it ! as long as you leave one of each sigil you should be good. I'm afraid that playing 4 diplo 4 cause will make emblems inactive too often to be worth it , you might want to cut diplo seals instead of sigils/waystones to make sure emblems work
abby315 Eternal Version: 1.50.8
thanks for the great write-up. :3c
LuciaDysis Eternal Version: 1.50.8
glad you like it >:3 !
Kaelos Eternal Version: 1.50.8
Great write-up, but could you please give us the translation in yeti?
LuciaDysis Eternal Version: 1.50.8
Nice try , but the rosetta stone of yetitongue won't be tricked out of our paws that easily
Kin Eternal Version: 1.50.8
ElderGnome Eternal Version: 1.50.8
:D ...
Pocket100 Eternal Version: 1.50.8
Would Yeti Cookmaster and Crunch, the Hoarder be worth considering? Cookmaster would be at least a 5/1 most turns with all the extra card draw this deck has, and Crunch would work well with Wump to get its infiltrate off.
LuciaDysis Eternal Version: 1.50.8
Cookmaster suffers from a very real problem of costing 2 but being unable to make a turn 2 pokpok , and without overhelm it's hard to capitalize on the +attack/no health swing . crunch has been tested a bunch on early builds of yetis but costing 3 is a lot clunkier than you'd want for no immediate effect (excluding surviving wumps). spy works because it's very cheap and fills pretty much anywhere in the curve and you can play wump+spy, but if you ever get enough power to play wump+crunch then crunch won't save you (between market and emblems you never really go above 4 power) . and also wump and crunch don't really curve out like that when you have both , you'd want to play crunch first to get the 4/4 attack in