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Draft 017 2-3

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1st picked Bloodletter. 2nd picked Valkyrie Denouncer over Victor’s Cry and Hunter’s Harpoon. 3rd picked Archive Curator over Auric Bully. Received a late Shadowlands Bonepicker. Primal seemed also open. Extensively rare drafted

Okay units but minimal interaction. I expect 2-3 wins at most.

G1: Decent opener. His sparked Jawbone Hatchet ate all my 1/1s. His buffing strangers left me with terrible blocks. Eventually managed to stall the ground with Soul Collector and Direwood Rampager, but he had Topaz Drake.
G2: My opponent timed out.
G3: Good opener. My Auric Bully got a few hits in because he didn’t want to trade and pump my Soul Collector. Eventually he found removal for my Soul Collector and began trading. The ground stalled. I had far more fliers including a 2/4 Blistering Wasp that he didn’t want to trade his Pouncing Drake for. Eventually he got low enough for an alpha strike.
G4: I took a bunch of hits trying to trade evening for his Xenan Destroyer and Savage Stranger. Eventually I had 3 fliers racing his Streetwise Informant, but he had Permafrost for my largest one. He won the race.
G5: Great opener. Was aggressive with my Eager Owlet. But he had Purify for my Valkyrie Denouncer. So some dumb reason, I decided to go all in on the Eager Owlet plan and rushed out my Archive Curator into no target. He made 3 more removal spells so I was neutered and died shortly after.

Overall, the deck performed as well as could be expected for a rare draft.

Gold Paid = 3995
Shiftstone Gained = 668 (dust) + 1600 (rares) + 800 (legend) = 3068
Base = 0.340 shards/gold
Shiftstone Profit = 1709
Pack Profit = 5.0


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
1 2 2

Power Sources
5 7 8 3

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Deck Rarities
21 7 4

Card Types
22 1 5 0 17


October 13, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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