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[OTK] Unleash + Bond = ∞

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Dear OTK and Unleash lovers,

I found this broken mechanism when I fought against a Gantlet Boss AI with "All units have Bond."

Here is how this deck works:
1. Summon Counterfeiter while you have a Paladin unit.
2. Summon Anointer of the Faithful while you have Street Gang in your hand.
3. Summon Street Gang and bond its copy with the previously-played one.
4. Just repeat this until the opponent's deck runs out of cards. You may sacrifice anything but the previously-played Street Gang in order to bond it with its copy.

The way to make this combo is pretty simple, but there are some concerns:
1. This combo doesn't work when the opponents has cards to make our units exhaust such as Urn of Choking Embers or Yushkov, the Usurper. We need to make sure a previously-played Street Gang cannot be exhausted. Collapse can solve this situation.
2. Any fast spells to stun or kill the first Street Gang will stop the combo.
3. Be careful with Can't Remember. The card ruins everything.
4. Never underestimate Aniyah, Master Sleuth. I tried to change my plan to go midrange, all Street Gang were killed by Pristine Light. Hidden Garrote is for this and any other Aegis situations.

However, here are some tips to make this combo happen more likely:
1. Do not attack. Aggro or Midrange is not our plan.
2. Preferably, summon Counterfeiter and Anointer of the Faithful at the same turn while you have Street Gang in your hand. This will ensure you can win with 4 power even if Counterfeiter was killed.
3. If you still have Counterfeiter when you can summon Street Gang with Bond, bond him with Counterfeiter. This allows you to use extra power for Check-Raise or Hidden Garrote.
4. Just draw as fast as possible until you get combo parts.

After I won 5 games in a row, I lost 3 times straight. This deck is not good against control and aggro, but this is still an awfully fun OTK deck! I made this deck cheapest due to the lack of Shiftstones, but you can modify it as you want. This is just one of ideas:)

P. S. I'm sorry for players who fought against me using this deck. I know it's stressful to just gaze at your screen for several minutes, but I just LOVE OTK decks!! Please give me feedback and/or comment if you want.

Sincerely, Me


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Homecoming [Set1005]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Hour of Glass [Set1115]


June 14, 2022

June 13, 2022


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chaostehjace Eternal Version: 22.06.08
I spent 40 minutes this morning trying to get anywhere with this deck, didn't win a single game or even come close. My best shot, I drew threw 32 cards, and never saw the third combo piece.
Ricklick Edited Eternal Version: 22.06.08
If you have enough Shiftstones to create and add Kerendon Merchant, Hidden Road Smuggler, or Transpose, it'll help you make this combo much easier like coandco suggested below. I didn't have enough of them, so I made this cheapest, but you can definitely modify it as you want.
chaostehjace Edited Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Oh! My bad. I made some changes and got it to go off first run. Very cool idea!
If you are curious what I did.
Ricklick Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Thank you for kind words:D Your idea is also great!
coandco Eternal Version: 22.06.08
I've thrown together a non-budget version of the deck here. Got the combo win on my first game with it :D
Ricklick Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Hey! Thanks for making the version 2:) I hope you didn't mind I updated mine with your ideas.
maslovk Edited Eternal Version: 22.06.08
I'm really interested in OTK-funs in a world with tempo-Xenan, Exploits, Royal Decrees etc etc. I don't mention aggro ofc, it's ok. Are you pain lovers?:)
Ricklick Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Thanks for your kind words! I love pain, probably:) I actually lost 7 times in a row but still cannot hate this OTK deck. It's so satisfying to discover a new OTK deck by myself.
grkles Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Real missed opportunity here to title the deck "the gang's all here"
Ricklick Edited Eternal Version: 22.06.08
That's a good one too! I titled this deck "OTK Unleash + Bond = ∞", so that people can easily recognize this deck is a fun, OTK deck.
yardglass Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Agreed, the lack of Paladins in this deck made it too fragile.
Ricklick Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Indeed. I'd probably better to add more Paladins to this deck. It's sad to know that there are not so many useful Paladins to help this combo happen.
yardglass Eternal Version: 22.06.08
As it stands this deck can't combo without drawing and playing 2 of 4 cards in the deck, along with the other conditions.
Ricklick Edited Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Yeah, that's right. I updated with advice from coandco [https//]. This should work better.
coandco Eternal Version: 22.06.08
So... the only way to combo is to find two copies of your sole paladin in the deck (Annointer of the Faithful), one so you can use counterfeiter on it and one so you can use its summon ability now that Street Gang is a paladin? It seems like having a second paladin in the deck would make this a lot more doable.
Ricklick Edited Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Thank you for the feedback! That's actually a really good point. Since I don't have much Shiftstones, my focus is trying not to add a lot of Rare and Legendary cards into the deck. However, if you do have Shiftstones, you can definitely add more Rare or Legendary Paladin units such as Hojan, Crownbreaker, Purgedriver, or Sigvard, the Last Bastion. Or maybe it's better to add Normal cards like Mistrust or Crownwatch Paladin which may give us more chance to start this combo.
coandco Eternal Version: 22.06.08
I honestly think that Crownwatch is probably your best bet, as its aegis means it's likely to survive a turn, which lets you have a better change of spreading the combo over multiple turns.
Ricklick Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Market is also an option. I just don't own any Merchant, and they are just too expensive for such a player like me.
Ricklick Edited Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Okay! I'll add three of them at least for sure. Do you have any other suggestion for units or spells against control or aggro decks?