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Compulsive Hoarding

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This deck is working pretty well in Expedition right now. My winrate is around 70% in Diamond. It's probably not Tier 1, but it's fun and effective.


Genetrix Irel, Wayward makes Forbidden Research, Torgov, Icecap Trader, and Jotun Bonebreaker extremely effective, while also shutting down your opponent's discard strategies, and pumping your own units via surge. Gentle Grazer gives us extra chances to pull her.

Pump effects from Svetya, Lightbringer and Genetrix Irel, Wayward work extremely well with Dawnwalker, both because they make Dawnwalker massive, and because they ensure every unit we draw can bring Dawnwalker back.

Forbidden Research, and Enter the Monastery help us meet our influence for Svetya, Lightbringer. The former also gives us extra surge effects for Svetya and Genetrix. The rest of our influence base is focused on playing Genetrix early, and getting at least one of each faction (so Tradition Chant can get us the rest).

What would I change?

Torgov, Icecap Trader is excellent sometimes, but a dud others. I don't know if there's a good replacement for him, since he's a reasonable unit and provides some synergy. But when you're in trouble, he's never the card you want to draw.

Jotun Bonebreaker is excellent if you have Genetrix Irel, Wayward or an empty hand, but he's actively bad if you don't. I'm not sure what the right number is, but 1 copy was too few, and 4 would be too many.

We'd LOVE to run more Enter the Monastery for card advantage, but we want as many dual-faction power as possible, so we can't. It may be worth removing these 2 and reducing the number of Justice Sigils.

3x Svetya, Lightbringer may be the right number. Pulling 2 of her in the early game is tough, especially when you don't have her influence. However, she is amazing to play 2 turns in a row. Locking your opponent out of units can close out games on its own, and her Aegis stops Shen-ra Speaks.

The powerbase. This is probably step 1. Hitting the right influence is hard, and you have to make the right decisions about power or you'll lose. I'd like more flexibility/security here.

What I'd like more of

Killer effects. Dawnwalker and Grodov's Burden both pair well with them, but we only have 1 market slot for it, and it's usually our 3rd pick.

Market access. See the point above. Our market cards are very strong, and with Gentle Grazer, we usually get 2 shots at a swap... but it would be lovely to have more.

Card draw. Forbidden Research doesn't net us card advantage, unless we already have Genetrix Irel, Wayward. Nahid's Distillation is excellent, but I find that I often don't have a unit to exhaust against aggressive strategies, because I need all the blockers I can get. I've considered Wisdom of the Elders and Diana, but the influence both both is tough, Wisdom is actively bad against agro, and anyway, there isn't really room.

Surge synergy. Tradition Chant, Time Etchings, and Enter the Monastery all force us to run single-influence Sigils, which reduces our access to surge.

Relic removal. I win most matchups against Grodov's Burden, if I can get my own, but it can be tough.

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Influence Requirements
5 3 2

Power Sources
17 10 10 12

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6 24 22 19

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35 1 19 0 25


July 4, 2020


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Argent Depths

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