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MonoJustice (Top 100 Masters) Very extensive guide within!

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Personally, I feel that there are two huge mountains that you have to cross over eventually in rank if you are planning to move up. The very first hurdle, and one that many people get stuck at, is the diamond mountain. If you've ever been to diamond before, or you're a current master, you will have personally experienced the struggle, and you'll understand just why it's so difficult to climb over it.

In diamond league, you are so close to becoming masters. And so you're going to be using your best deck, and you're going to be playing in your best mindset in order to win to finally become masters. The only problem is that everybody else is going to be trying their hardest too. And there's quite a lot of people in diamond. It's no wonder why you can find yourself stuck in diamond, even when playing an extremely strong meta deck. And it's even worse at the start of the season since you're playing with top master players.

The second hurdle, and one that's even tougher, is the hurdle you need to jump over to make it to top 100 masters. Speaking from personal experience, this is even more difficult than making it from diamond to masters. When you're this far up, you're playing with the best card game players, playing the best decks currently, making (mostly) the best decisions. The skill level from Top 100 and Top 200 is huge! You really can feel the difference between Top 100 players and other master players outside of it.

I personally made it a goal of mine to release this deck to the world, but only after I have deemed it to be successful. What criteria did I set to call it successful? By using this deck and only this deck to make it to Top 100 Masters. I wanted to show myself that I can brew a successful deck, specifically, a successful mono-color deck. And after so many days, after so many games, and so many edits to this deck, I've finally done it.

Look no further if you require proof:

This final version is, in my mind, the strongest this deck could ever be, and I find it difficult to even think about what to remove from this deck. Every single card (well, most of them) are so useful, so needed, that you can't even remove one of them without hurting yourself.

Mono-color decks are my favorite types of decks to play, no matter what strategy they have. Not having to worry about being color screwed is so refreshing, and being able to play every card in your hand as long as you have the power is quite nice.

Without further ado, I will go over every single card in this deck. So be ready for quite a long read.

Finest Hour

A staple in most Justice decks. It's a very strong battle trick that can do many things. It can push for lethal, it can help a unit survive torch (very relevant in the current meta with every single person and their mom playing fire), it helps you get over big units (*cough* SST *cough*), and you can stick it on Hojan to push for even more damage, or to just trade it in for power if you are starving for power.

Lingering Influence

We're playing mono-Justice tempo. There's no reason to not run 4. Our deck is pretty starved for power. 5 power is where we need to be at, and this card helps a lot. The Scout effect is also extremely useful.

Hojan, Crownbreaker

A very strong early game Justice unit. It's a nice card because it threatens aggro decks because of the lifesteal. It can also push for quite a bit of damage if you stick Finest Hour on it, and it helps us ramp up, which is very important for our deck. Getting to 5 power as fast as possible is quite important.

Icaria, Valkyrie Captain

A staple in this deck, and any deck that is heavy in green. Flying and Endurance are very powerful battle skills, and she has an extremely important effect. Allowing you to ramp up is important. Gaining extra stats at 6J is also very relevant. The +1/+1 to valkyries in hand is also quite nice, allowing Enforcers and other Icarias to survive Torches and other nasty stuff.

My favorite combo to use is
Power > Power + Icaria > Power + Icaria effect > Power + Icaria summon + Icaria effect.
This gets you up to 6 power while your opponent is at 3-4 power and now they also have a 4/3 and 5/4 Flying+Endurance sexy ladies knocking on their front door. Very nice combo.


This card becomes increasingly relevant the more Primal is played in the meta. Well, Primal is quite popular in today's meta thanks to Howling Peak, so breaking that Permafrost and surprising your opponent is quite fun. Not to mention, even if there is no Permafrost to pop, readying your exhausted unit and giving it a stat boost is a very nice battle trick. Not many people see it coming, since Reinvigorate doesn't get played all that often. It's also another card to stack on Hojan, so that's quite nice.


Not much to say here. Strong removal spell to get over those nasty nasty units like SST. Loses to aggro though, so be wary.

Vanquisher's Blade

A very powerful card effect with an equally powerful Spellcraft. Blocking your opponent from playing recursion decks is also strong, and double acting as a 5 cost Vanquish is also quite nice.

I do want to mention however: do not be greedy with this card. At its core, it's still a 2drop 2/2 (good statline) that stops recursion. I have lost plenty of games that I would have easily won by just sticking this on an Aegis unit and stopping my opponent from playing Dark Return, or even just stopping them from attacking thanks to a bigger blocker. Don't be foolish and try to hold on to this card when you're at 4 power and you're hoping for that 5th power. RNG will screw you over too many times to count. If you can get value out of it now, then do it. Don't wait.

Kosul Battlemage

A strong 3drop with a pretty tricky effect. At it's core, it's a 3drop 3/3 with Aegis. The Aegis makes him stick on the board, which is extremely important since pretty much all of our guys die to every single removal in the game (except Rindra's choice, but nobody plays that. At least I've never seen anyone play it *wink wink*). It's very nice for stopping aggro and tokens, and he sometimes trades 2 removal spells from your opponent, which is very important to let our bigger guys come down.

He also has a fairly tricky effect. Gaining a +1/+1 whenever a spell is played is stronger than you think, but it's important to think about the best case scenario to use this in. Being able to use this effect effectively separates the good and the great players, and this tiny effect can win you the game (I know I've pushed for lethal only because I've had this effect and got an extra 1-2 damage in).

Unseen Commando

Very important card throughout all stages of the game, particularly the early game thanks to the Lifesteal. Also stacks well with Icaria and Reinvigorate. Only problem is that he kind of dies to Torches and Permafrosts, so if you have a Finest Hour/Reinvigorate in hand, try to stack power before playing him.

Valkyrie Enforcer

A very powerful unit who also acts as semi-removal. 3 for 3/3 Flying is already a strong statline. Being able to silence a unit is very powerful too. You can silence those silly time mana dorks so they can't play their big units, or those Dusk Raiders so you don't get hit by too many Berserk units, or silence those enemy fliers so you can push for damage in the air, or even silence one of your permafrosted units. Very flexible, very useful.

Just be wary about which deck you're up against. If you're up against aggro, you're going to want to play him as soon as possible to block. If you're playing against control, you're going to want to play him, even if there are no silence targets, since you need to start putting in pressure against control decks.

Winchest Merchant

3 for 2/2 is a terrible statline, but he is our only merchant, so sadly he is required. Good thing though is that he's a flying unit, which matches our theme of Aegis and Flying.

Auric Runehammer

Very useful Relic Weapon that mostly trades 2-for-1, or at the very least gets rid of problematic cards like Jotun Feast-Caller (stupid Aegis). It's also useful to push in damage versus control decks, since they have no easy way of dealing with Relic weapons. Loses to sites and aggro though.

Sheriff Marley

A bigger version of Kosul Battlemage. Strong statline, aegis to stick on the board, and a decent effect. Another good target for Vanquisher's blade because of the Aegis. Also becomes a 6/6, which can block against most threats. Being able to create essentially endless chump blockers is very relevant late game and for trading in for merchants. Also has a decent tribute effect, although it's more of a bonus. You don't normally get a chance to get Marley's tribute off.

Amilli, Cloudmarshal

Our big boss unit. Kind of dies to every single removal spell in the game since he has no personal protection and he's just a big flying target for removal, but when he sticks? Oh boy, it's a treat. One of the strongest blockers in the game, with Flying and 4/8. Blocks about pretty much everything. Also creating free chump blockers is very important, which allows you to be a tiny bit more aggressive.
If Amilli is able to stick on the board, the match becomes a whole lot easier.

Also my very first premium craft. I love this card.

Onward! For GLORY!

Crownwatch Standard/Crownwatch Tactic

One of the best Tactics because of the Lifesteal. Acts like another Finest Hour. Also fits well since our power cutoff is usually 5 (6 for Icaria).



Adjudicator's Gavel

Very powerful card for stopping recursion decks/Display of Ambition. If your opponent is in Feln or has Ambition, Gavel is a nice card to get from the market.

Rolant's Intervention

The most recent addition to this deck. Rolant's Intervention was in this deck a long time ago, and then got taken out because it's wasn't all that useful. Now, I decided to add this card to the market and replace Citywide Ban. Rolant's Intervention is used only because it's cheap (so we can play it the same turn we get it from the market, unlike Citywide Ban), and it has a fairly useful effect (Aegis on our Valkyrie's is quite nice, and a -3 on an enemy does see some use. Also pops Aegis if you need that). It's been a fairly recent addition to this deck, so I'm not sure how well it's going to play out. But certainly it'll see more use than Citywide Ban.


Removes Permafrosts/other stuns, and lets you push for lethal when you need to.


Better than Vanquisher's Blade in market since it fits our 5 power goal. Merchant + Vanquish = exactly 5 power. Very nice.

Amilli, Cloudmarshal

Always good to have more ways to get our boss unit. Also is a good choice when you don’t need any other card from the market.


Overall Strategy

First things first, two power hands are extremely risky to keep. You want at the very least 3 power, since most of our units are 3 drops. Having Icaria in hand or Hojan + Finest Hour is also great so we can ramp up quickly.

Our main goal versus any kind of deck is to build up the board of units that stick. This is why Kosul Battlemage and Sheriff Marley are so crucial, since they are able to stick much better due to the Aegis. Our 2 drops (Hojan and Icaria) are most likely going to die from Torch (or even worse, pings like Vara's Favor). Trading Torch is not terrible (unless you desperately needed the power) as it lets our 3drops come out and stick better.

The majority of this deck is full of 3drops, so we're only able to play about 1 unit a turn, so it's very important to think about which unit to drop in which situation. In most situations, you're going to want to play your Battlemage first to hopefully soak up some removal or even just to stick on the board and apply pressure.

Honestly, in the hundreds of games that I played with this deck, I haven't really found any clear counters to this deck, or any deck that this deck counters actually. I feel like this deck just has a decent curve against pretty much every deck in the game. We have plenty of lifesteal against aggro, we have strong removal and beaters for midrange, and we have Runehammer/Aegis units against control decks. Playing versus Kennadins or Pit/Martyr's Chains decks felt pretty bad, but I've also beat them just as much too (thanks Citywide Ban! You're a life saver).

Playing versus Howling Peak decks is also rough, since our deck has no easy way to get rid of Sites. Relic weapons don't work, our removal doesn't work, and so we have to rely on having units on board to deal with it. It's not the end of the world if Sites come down. I know I've won plenty of games versus Sites, but it just feels rough.

Also, playing against Stand Together decks felt really bad, but then again, every deck feels really bad to play versus Stand Together decks.

Really, the only time you'll lose is if you just don't draw the right cards for the situation. If you happen to draw multiple Marley's and Amillis versus Aggro, or if you never draw your Runehammer versus Jotun Feast-Caller, or you just happen to draw 8 power in a match (I know it's happened to us before).


Honorable Mentions

Telut, Queen's Hand

This card used to be a staple in this deck a long time ago when I first brewed it. Then I noticed that 9/10 times it's a useless card in hand since getting to 7 power is harder than it looks. So then I removed it from the main. Then I noticed that, it's still really tough to get to 7 power, so I just got rid of him all together and replaced him with Amilli in the market, which actually helps out a lot removing Amilli from the main.

It also helps that it makes the deck less expensive, as you don't need another campaign just for one card.

Reyna, the Unwavering

I absolutely love this card. I crafted 4 of these the moment I saw her and stuck her in this deck. The only problem with her is kind of the same deal with Telut. She comes down way too late. What's fun about her though is I've had a few auto-concedes versus shadow decks since they have no way of getting rid of her, so that's nice. Doesn't happen too often though, so out Reyna goes.


Actually plays extremely well with this deck since all of our 3 drops die to Torch, so she helps them survive. Also pairs incredibly well with Unseen Commando. A 3/4 Flying Lifesteal unit that swings for 4 is notoriously difficult to get rid of. It's pretty nice. Tinker also helps stop Aggro. Too bad there's no room for her.

Sharpened Reflex

A nice card that helps your units dodge Torch, and is permanent! Too bad it doesn't help Icaria dodge Torch. Finest hour is just way better since it has a lot more uses, plus it also dodges Torch.

Twinstrike Master

A 5 drop 8/4 is actually a really good statline, and he can give another unit double damage? That's not bad at all. Too bad he's too expensive for us. We already have Amilli, who's practically the opposite with 4/8, but he does more stuff.

Martyr's Chains

Extremely powerful relic. When this thing comes down, it's practically GG. Too bad it has the same problem with Telut and Reyna. Too expensive. Remember, we're not trying to be a control deck. We're trying to win before Chain comes down.

Sword of the Sky King

Again, too expensive. Really sad too, since SotSS gets over pretty much any unit in the game.


Truthfully, I never used Avigraft when it was at 3, and I sure am not using it now that it's at 4. It was just way too expensive for me, too conditional, and everybody is playing Fire and Primal. Which means Bore is everywhere, and face Aegis was not uncommon. If you really want to put it in the market, you can. Although I'm not sure it'll work out too well.

Harsh Rule

This used to be in the market for a loooooooooooong time! Then after playing hundreds of games, I noticed that I never used this card. Ever. It takes two turn to play it (Merchant + Harsh Rule), it wipes your own units (really bad!) and my opponent just refills up the board since they have card draw and I don't. Not worth it.

Mantle of Justice

Now why would a mono-Justice deck not use Mantle of Justice. Isn't that the entire point of playing Mono-Justice? (you ask yourself) Well, I did test this card out for quite a bit in the market, and I absolutely loved the card! Being able to get a 6/6 weapon on a unit is nice, and can win you games. But it also has a very similar problem to Deepforged Plate. It's very susceptible to removal. Not to mention, there's no room for this card. All of the cards in the market are useful in certain situations, and it's tough to figure out what to remove. I guess if you really want to play Mantle of Justice, you can take out Amilli for Mantle.

All in all, it's just personal preference. You can play Mantle if you want. It's still a really good card, especially in a mono-Justice deck.

Sealed Writ/Word of Sol

I actually play-tested this card for quite a while. It's the only way you're able to do direct card damage. It even got an indirect buff too since now it kills Howling Peak! I thought it was really good!... when I was able to play it. The problem is that it doesn't give you any influence. It doesn't seem too bad in a mono-color deck, until you open with 2 of these in your starting hand. or you have 2 Icarias at 1/1 because you can't get that 6th Justice influence. The draw backs are not worth the advantage you get at 7 power. Most of the time we aren't even at 7 power. The game usually ends at 6 power, and if you're going over that, the game is taking way too long and most likely your opponent, who's playing control, is going to win anyways.

Not to mention that it costs 7 power to do 4 damage! That's soooo expensive. There have been games where I have two of these cards in hand at 7 power, and I can't even find time to play them since they take up an entire turn.

Citywide Ban

MonoJustice is absolutely terrible at getting rid of relics. In fact, there are no cards that monoJustice has that can remove relics. Citywide ban is the next best thing. If you see your opponent playing a control deck, you're going to want to grab that Ban. Even playing it versus something like Haunted Highway lets you shutdown that Queen/Highwayman. Only problem is that it's going to take you two turns to play it. One for the merchant, one for the ban. So plan it wisely.

I just recently took Citywide Ban out, solely for the fact that it's too expensive. The effect is still just as good as before, being able to shut down control decks from their winconditions is amazing. It's just too expensive, which is unfortunate. By the time I even have a merchant and I need to get this card, it's already too late.

If you have any additional questions about the deck, or if you find yourself losing too many games with this deck, definitely let me know, and we can see what we can do. I'm certain there are still ways to improve this deck. I'm sure I'll figure it out on my way to #1 Masters.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


February 6, 2019

January 25, 2019


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Ashrafyao Eternal Version: 1.45.2
Hey awesome deck. I am just wondering whether you have any new improvements to the deck after the release of the homecoming campaign? Thanks!
Trrroll Eternal Version: 1.45
is there any replacement for amilii until i craft it or do i need to wait with playing this until i get the full playset of him?
sayn0thing Eternal Version: 1.44
Awesome deck! just need to craft 3x more Amilli :/
Raunen Eternal Version: 1.44
Got to Masters with this Deck now 2 times. Fits my playstyle and is really strong.
Was a great starting point for me as a eternal beginner 2 months ago. Thx for sharing.
Kept the Citywide Ban in the market, beside that i now was able to completly built it.
Makhai Edited Eternal Version:
In eternal, the road to Diamond is an easy one, you can dank meme/trash budget your way there if you play a few hundred games and know to not triple block quickdraw units or w/e stupid shit I get away with on a regular basis. Once you hit diamond II, you start seeing the T1 decks all the time. Because people wanna get their leggies, game gets alot less fun when I can't FJS budget gunslinger and win at least 50% of my games anymore. And I have to watch people drop 15 overpowered leggies and basically ask you if you have 20 hard removals in your deck or the curve out the mirror. The hard part from Diamond to Master is just acquiring the cards and being willing to slog through. It's not so much a skill check as it is a card barrier. Once you reach masters and start pushing ladder, that's when you're playing people who could win tournaments and you've gotta have your big-boy pants on. But then again, there's no gain in top-100 other than seeing your name on the leaderboard. So that's something you gotta sign for.

I have a lot of sympathy for the players who are top 15% skill FTPers who get hard stuck when they start out. But that's the nature of these things. And Eternal's hump is SO much less than a lot of these scam games out there(Hearthstone, Clash Royale, etc) I do miss the days of mono red and rakano a bit, just because of the fact it made the cost of entry exactly nill. But meh.
theRealKLH Eternal Version:
Is their a cheaper replacement for sherrif marley as i don't have any?
Brunodini Edited Eternal Version: 1.43
If you've ever been to diamond before, or you're a current master, you will have personally experienced the struggle, and you'll understand just why it's so difficult to climb over it.
I almost choked on reading that. The things you hear !
Pickselated Eternal Version: 1.43
"[Reachingtop 100 masters] is even more difficult than making it from diamond to masters" lmao who woulda thunk
m1ck3ykn0x Eternal Version: 1.43
Just went 16-4 with my first 20 games of testing! (Started off with a win streak of 10 games) Great list! Fantastic write-up! Insanely consistent! 10/10 would play everytime I'm tilted from losing too much with janky combo brews!
OSPerry Eternal Version: 1.43
I am actually having more luck with this deck. It got me out of gold, into diamond, but couldn't maintain for me, losing 5 in a row. I switched over to this deck: (Hooru - Aniyah) and it got me up to diamond 2, then began to peter out as well. It is a struggle grinding. I got my ass handed to me a couple of times by an (Oni Swarm v2) deck. I tried it and never could get the combos to work for me. This deck is surprisingly good in spurts and has grown on me.
VoidKing Eternal Version: 1.42.3
This deck is stronger than it looks, but really doesnt have much chance of winning more than anything else, depending on the matchup. Not bad, though.
IanHirst Edited Eternal Version: 1.43
I think you're definitely wrong, my win rate with this deck has been phenomenal. Being only one color, you don't have those games where you get hung up just because you're missing a Sigil. And I think a lot of decks aren't running Anhialate right now the, which makes this deck even better.
VoidKing Eternal Version: 1.44
Sorry to double-post this comment, but I really wanted to respond to you and "DankMemes."

I have been playing with this more and more over the weeks, and I just have to say that I honestly think I was wrong. No deck is going to be the silver bullet against everything or be incapable of getting a loss that feels somewhat cheating at times, but this deck seems to be "more" consistent at winning than I thought. It's the lack of frequency of getting shit hands (significantly caused by being one faction, I'm sure).

Either way, this deck is a great example of the KISS method applied to deck building. Fast flyers ensures that your evasive aggro goes off, or, at the very least, ensures that you're not screwed by other flying based aggro. It has plenty of tricks and even can win many stalls, as long as you're not going against peaks or Xo (in which case, you should beat them on speed if you want the win).

Idk, I've just gained a bit of respect for this deck after playing it more. That's what I get for thinking I've tested a deck enough to make a judgment call, when, clearly, in this case, I think I hadn't.
VoidKing Eternal Version: 1.43
Yeah, you have a point.
DankMemes Eternal Version: 1.43
I guess you're right. The winrate on this deck isn't particularly better than Peaks or Haunted Highway or the other meta decks (Haunted Highway is still #1 in most tier lists, and FJS was indisputably the #1 deck before the latest patch). At the very least, this deck can go toe-to-toe with a lot of, if not all of the meta decks, and a monocolor deck that's able to compete with tricolor decks is definitely something unusual.
VoidKing Eternal Version: 1.44
Sorry to double-post this comment, but I really wanted to respond to you and "IanHirst."

I have been playing with this more and more over the weeks, and I just have to say that I honestly think I was wrong. No deck is going to be the silver bullet against everything or be incapable of getting a loss that feels somewhat cheating at times, but this deck seems to be "more" consistent at winning than I thought. It's the lack of frequency of getting shit hands (significantly caused by being one faction, I'm sure).

Either way, this deck is a great example of the KISS method applied to deck building. Fast flyers ensures that your evasive aggro goes off, or, at the very least, ensures that you're not screwed by other flying based aggro. It has plenty of tricks and even can win many stalls, as long as you're not going against peaks or Xo (in which case, you should beat them on speed if you want the win).

Idk, I've just gained a bit of respect for this deck after playing it more. That's what I get for thinking I've tested a deck enough to make a judgment call, when, clearly, in this case, I think I hadn't.
VoidKing Edited Eternal Version: 1.43
Good point. Plus, there's something to be said for it not getting faction screwed the way many other 3 faction decks inevitably sometimes do and the way Haunted Highway does 95% of the time (I think this deck is far superior to HH for that reason alone, but I've never thought HH was good).

At least this deck can be counted on and is really super solid against most things.

You're write up is fantastic, and the deck can win with flying a lot quicker than most other decks might think. Maybe I was a bit too hard on it even, but I probably need to test it more, either way, honestly.
zafuri Eternal Version: 1.42.3
I'm tired of getting screwed by color and while Ixtun Blitz is fun, it's just too inconsistent. I've 2 Cloud Marshal and always looking for a way to use him if I could.

This list is just perfect!
Bronco Eternal Version: 1.42.3
I rode this deck through D2 to make masters for the first time yesterday. Thanks for the list!
It is an extremely consistent deck. Most of the time that I lost, the games were close and someone either started too fast or just wore me down with bigger cards and I couldn't get removal.
Hexadecagon Eternal Version: 1.42.3
This deck rules. It's fun, fairly simple, and quite powerful - I easily rode it from the bottom of d2 through to masters. Great writeup and justification for card choices. Thanks for posting this one, and I'll be looking out for other lists of yours in the future.
HugTrain Edited Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Made it through Diamond to Masters for the first time last month, so your comments about what those challenges feel like resonate with me.

I got a late start this month, but I started playing with your deck at Gold 1, knocking on the door of Diamond.

Played 5 games with your deck in casual to "shake it out" and then ten games in ranked. My ranked game record was 5/5. Some games I surely lost due to still being a rookie with the decklist, but I noticed that Vanquish and our limp green merchant were often unwanted draws.

What I wanted instead, in most situations, was a cheap way to pop unit aegis or another trick to prock the battle mage, or surprise the enemy into a bad trade.

Looking at the options, I choose a card that I had never used or seriously considered before.

I replaced two vanquish and two merchants with four detain.

The results were very good and I'm working through D2 as I write this. Thought you might want to check it out, since it is such an outlier card.
DankMemes Eternal Version: 1.42.3
I definitely agree with you there. The biggest bricks this deck has are the Vanquish (loses to aggro/Tokens since there's nothing to Vanquish) and the Merchant (terrible body and our market is reactive, not proactive). However, most decks I'm playing against has big units, like SST, baby Vara, Rizahn, etc, so Vanquish eventually gets some use. It might be different in diamond though, so it's nice to be able to change up the deck and still do well.

Also, Aegis definitely is a problem. Stand Together decks tend to be quite frustrating because of that, but then again, it's pretty frustrating for every other deck. That's why the Runehammer is in there.
Dreamigine Edited Eternal Version: 1.42.3
I have been following these deck lists for a while - I made an account just to comment on this deck.

This deck is amazing - thank you for posting it. I was stuck in the diamond 3/diamond 2 region for the last week or two. I changed to this deck and just made it masters with close to straight wins - (18 wins of the last 20 games). I have read your description and I still don't think I understand why this deck is so good. All I can say is it is a great deck that has answers to almost everything. For a number of the games I played - there was so much removal, including Harsh Rules, that I was sure I was done for. But at the end of the day, the 3 drops that eventually stick in combination with the combat tricks and the right amount of removal for the late game beasties is enough to win even against a lot of control decks.

I didn't have enough shift stones for the 4 Amili and I was missing 1 Marley - so I played a variant with: 1 Amili in Market, 1 Amili in deck, 1 Twinstrike Master, and 2 Longhorn Treasurers. The Longhorns are clearly not as good as an Amili but in combination with the reinvigorates and the 4 Icaras they are a better than average 3 drop and they become a must kill in an acceptable fraction of the games.

DankMemes Eternal Version: 1.42.3
The thing about this deck, and I briefly went over it "Overall Strategy" section, is that it's a Jack-of-all-Trades deck. It's well-rounded, having answers to (almost) every single deck type in the game. Which means, as long as you're drawing the correct cards, you can win versus any deck in the game, compared to say, Feln Recursion, which instantly loses to anything that messes with their void (Statuary Maiden, Vanquisher's Blade, Adjudicator's Gavel).

But even then, 18 wins is extremely impressive! I don't think I've had that many wins in a row. My max is usually around 7/8 games per loss.
JDboi Eternal Version: 1.42.3
I have actually played against this a number of times with variations on Winchest (warhelm, midrange, and ramp). This is a damn good deck and is problematic in most matchups.
arkdoppler Eternal Version: 1.42.3
If you're already running so much Ramp and Sigil drawing, why only top the curve out at 5 power?
DankMemes Edited Eternal Version: 1.42.3
It really is not a lot of ramp. Deck like Time can afford playing high-costed units because of the huge amount of power dorks and sigil spells they have. We can't. Hojan and Icaria are very situational. It usually takes 2 turns for Icaria to ramp, which is ample time for your opponent to deal with it. Hojan also takes usually two turns if you play him on turn two, and he also requires a Finest Hour or a Reinvigorate in hand. Not to mention they both pretty much die to every removal spell in the game, especially Vara's Favor.

I used to run cards like Telut and Reyna in the main deck, but after many games, I found that I wasn't getting to 7 power. Some games, I didn't even get to 6 power fast enough. With cards like Vanquisher's Blade, Amilli, Merchant+Vanquish/Reinvigorate, Crownwatch Standards, and Icaria, capping out at 5 power (6 for Icaria) is the best play for us. It also means we can divert late game power into early game power with cards like Unseen Commando and Hojan.
OSPerry Edited Eternal Version: 1.42.3
I made this deck and it has suffered greatly in the mid to upper gold. It went 1 for 7. Not a diamond caliber deck or even Masters, based on what I have seen. I have taken so many losses with it, I am now in Gold 2. I don't know if it is just bad luck or what. But I have a Green Mono deck that would kick the snot out of this deck based on my games experience with it thus far. In fact I would like to challenge you to my Gold 1 Mono justice deck in a friendly 2 out of 3 challenge sometime.
DankMemes Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Nice! I actually wouldn't mind facing you whenever you want. Just add me and we can play sometime. I'm always interested in other peoples' brews, especially in mono-colors.
Silvernight Eternal Version: 1.42.3
God, what a rubbish. I do not even know how to conjure, you do not play with this.
DankMemes Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Of course you don't know how to conjure. Magic isn't real. Also, I do play with this :)

If you're losing a lot with this deck, tell me what strategy, or what cards you are losing to? Losing to Rizahn? Losing to Control?
lightshaper Eternal Version: 1.42.3
whynot crownwatch paladin?
DankMemes Eternal Version: 1.42.3
We already have enough early game units with Icaria and Hojan. We really don't need Crownwatch Paladin, otherwise we need to cut something else from our deck.
lightshaper Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Did you test it over Icaria? Icaria is almost never what I want to be doing on turn two and then activating on three.
DankMemes Edited Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Paladin is more for an aggro based deck, where they get rid of high cost cards like Amilli and Marley and stick in Paladins and District Infantry. If you're getting rid of Icaria, you may as well just change the entire deck into a more aggressive style.

Icaria is almost always what you want to be doing on turn 2 and turn 3 since we need to ramp up fast so we can get to 5 power and not stuck at 3 or 4 power. The only times you don't want to use Icaria's effect on turn 3 is when you're facing an Aggro deck and they have like 3 or 4 units on the board versus your one Icaria. In that case, you need to stabilize against them. A simple Kosul Battlemage helps out tremendously, or using Unseen Commandos or Valkyrie Enforcers.
Alvirian Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Climbing through diamond with this deck. Was stuck on diamond 3 for ever. Now on diamond 2 . Thanks for posting the deck and the excellent guide.
Jaune Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Although my eternal love belongs to Mono Shadow decks, it is always nice to see other Mono decks. Many will say that two or three color decks will always be stronger, but I don’t think so. Also congratulations on taking the top 100 masters. My goal is much more modest, “just” to reach the Masters, but hey, I'm not such a good player.
Caladynus2 Eternal Version: 1.42.3
After thinking a bit more, I made a slight change. Permafrosts are all over the place so I moved the market Reinvigorate to the mainbosrd and removed one aIcaria. I added an Unwavering Exorcist to the market, as it deals with Azindel’s Gift.
lightshaper Eternal Version: 1.42.3
I wouldn't think Azindel's gift is a problem for this deck, also it isn't common right now either
DankMemes Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Hey, that doesn't seem too bad of a change. Although I'm not sure about getting rid of one of the Icarias since she's so important, but if it works for you, then nice!
Caladynus2 Eternal Version: 1.42.3
I love this list. Currently 4-0 with it(I won a 5th game, but don’t count that as opponent conceded prior to playing a turn). The deck works due to its sheer consistency. You never have to worry about the triple justice for Amili. Great list!
AlcideBava Eternal Version: 1.42.3
I have the whole deck but zero Amilli. Any suggestions of what I could slot in as a good replacement?
DankMemes Edited Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Honestly, I'm not quite sure what you can actually replace. Amilli just fits this deck incredibly well due to topping out at 5 and having a great body and effect. You could try Crownwatch Captain. It has Aegis, which is very powerful, and a fairly decent effect, although the body is pretty weak and he is at 6 power instead of 5.

Copperhall Paladin can be a pretty decent choice too. He's a 4 drop with lifesteal and a decent body.

Twinstrike Master could also work as a 5drop 8/4. Although he's not as powerful as Amilli due to no flying and no free chump blockers.

There's really not any particularly amazing replacements, but those are the ones I would go with if I really had too.
Crylorenzo Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Thanks for the write up! Love me some mono justice. As you say, getting to top 100 is hard, so congrats!
RangerBob Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Although I do not have enough Shift Stone to craft two more Amilli, Cloudmarshal, I put one Marshal Ironthorn in the main deck and one Challenge by Law in the Market. Played this deck in Ranked a short time ago - and I mulliganed my opening hands to get to 3 power. Even if you get a draw that has the four drops like Sherrif Marley and Auric Runehammer, more often than not you will likely get a win. Thanks for the detailed writeup on the deck and its evolution...
DankMemes Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Hey, I'm glad to hear you're having success with this deck. If you are looking to pursue this deck even further, getting one more Amilli in the main deck to replace Ironthorn helps out a lot. Ironthorn doesn't really do anything for our deck. We don't need anymore power after 6 and we're never getting to his ultimate.
RangerBob Eternal Version: 1.42.3
I'll need to get a bit more Shiftstone first - but you're right about getting that second Amilli in the main deck.