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Haunting Scream Combo

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My version of the Haunting Scream deck.

Very low-to-the-ground, surprisingly capable of keeping up with aggressive decks if you have to. It's a sweet combo to just recur Gorgon Fanatic and Direwood Beastcaller all day long with Dark Return and Haunting Scream.

For the Uninitiated- Haunting Scream gives the recurred creature those keywords permanently, making it so you can recur the same card from the void with Dark Return and it still has flying and haste. Absolutely savage in the games where it lines up.

Actual, Fatal Damage, when it doesn't come from Direwood beasts, is usually delivered by fliers. A playset of Twilight Raptor and another six cards that can be turned into functional Twilight Raptors in Slumbering Stone and Blood Beetle. The split between them is up to you- Blood Beetle turn 1 on the play gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart, but the Stone is just great with Devour. Also- don't be afraid to Devour your 2/2 fliers. Don't be too trigger-happy with it either if you have another plan, but sometimes you just gotta sacrifice them for the cause.

Other than that, the removal package is one I really enjoy- Permafrost is as good as ever, Annihilate is reliably and powerful, and, when all else fails, Feeding Time will remove anything under the sun (Except for Aegis, but that's half of why Levitate is so good.) Lightning Strike is also great against decks like Rakano, and it's just savage against Armory.

Also- I run a lot of monuments in my version of this list. It can make your early turns less-than-ideal, but as long as you can manage a Gorgon or a Beastcaller on turn 3, you'll be fine, and this deck Really likes having Stormdancers in the top end, particularly since it really doesn't need more than 5 mana for anything.


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June 11, 2017


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