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Altar of Shenanagins

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Just a deck I have been playing with lately. I don't see anyone playing Brimstone Altar and thought I would give it a go. NOT a ladder deck at all but fun to play in casual or if your at Masters and want to ramp up the shenanagins. It's a fairly active deck that can win many ways. Almost all your units are expendable so removal is not a huge deal. Silence and overwhelm are hard match ups. Tormentor is also not needed but I rarely use him and he fits so why not? Save your dark return for your memory dredgors if you can. Once you have altar up and madness you get almost free combusts so you can really pick and choose your removal for the cheaps! Altar and ticking grenadin is 5 points of dmg that can't be blocked unless the other player has a aegis up. Also use your tripwire to pop aegis or to pop your bait. Altar of course pops bait as well. A ton of versatility in this deck. I definitely win more than lose with it. Also it's demoralizing to use madness to steal a unit then sac it and dark return it, great combo when they play a bomb unit. Turn the tides on em!! Bonus it's also super cheap to make!!


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2 4

Power Sources
18 22 8

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Deck Rarities
18 15 20 2

Card Types
27 4 12 0 32

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


August 30, 2019

June 11, 2018


Eternal Version
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QueenZiga Edited Eternal Version: 1.35
I also play a Brimstone deck mostly in casual, lots of fun and I found that Madness-ing at the right time can steal games. That Whispers in the Void looks interesting in this deck, I wonder how well it plays, need to check this out!
HandSolo Eternal Version: 1.35
Yes the Madness can be awesome at the right time. TBH with only 2 Whispers in the Void it rarely gets played and getting to 10 power to be able to Dark Returnit hasn't happend yet. Being able to sac the tokens for 3 when you have Brimstone Altar is the main reason I put that card in there as well as the chump blocking.
QueenZiga Eternal Version: 1.35
Suppose you play it and want to bring it from the void, why not put some Grasping at Shadows in the deck?
HandSolo Eternal Version: 1.35
I thought of this but wanted to keep my curve low. If I really wanted Whispers to be my win con I would up whispers by one and put in grasping shadows at 3 or 4. Tough to figure out what to sub.
Orion Eternal Version: 1.35
I remember in Set 1 when Altar was actually the deck I used to grind out the last 2 ranks of Diamond to Masters. I really liked the deck and was thinking about playing it again, but I'd have to rebuild it. Torrent of Spiders is a solid card, and you might look into a Bloodrite Kalis deck. Pretty similar style.
HandSolo Edited Eternal Version: 1.35
Your thought process is right along mine in the beginning. I looked at torrent of spiders but decided that I wanted to keep returning my units from the void so wasn't sure if I would be able to put up big numbers of spiders because of that. Bloodrite Kalis I think I will try and sub out Whispers in the Voidfor it and see how that fits for a finisher.
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