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Stunning Hooru

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This Deck went 9/12 tonight in Silver Bracket. I am at Level 2 in Silver and it beat as high as Gold 3 and Silver 1.
Still a bit of a work in progress. I like the stunning ability to disable a lot of cards early with Permafrost. I have a lot of fliers as well. I never have played Fencing Master in a deck before either, I never did get that combo to work. I figure with the Icebreaker Yeti, and all these stun cards spells and creatures it works out pretty well. I also have a Hero of the People that I like to get flying and when it has a Stalwart Silverwing with Revenge to borrow and Auric Sentry for Endurance and Warcry it can get pretty powerful pretty quick. I also put in a Silverwing Familiar to give me some health boost and maybe forHero of the People to borrow and quickly boost up with the former's Aegis, flying, and lfesteal. I have a Mantle of Justice for good measure because I love bleeding an opponent while I gain health. Eager Owlet is nice really quick with all of these fliers, as well as Wild Wild Cloudsnake getting buffed quickly. Valkyrie Enforcer is the go to obvious choice for this green blue deck. Let me know if you have any luck with this deck and make any improvements. I am always looking to improve a deck.!As6i-32yPRAy4mUCBa2xzdxOEz0N

Deck is currently at win % of 72% 13 of 18 games.


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October 3, 2017

September 29, 2017


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