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Hara's godda## birds (silver to master homebrewed deck, gameplay + guide inside)

Throne Deck By


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INFO DECK: Another month another home brewed master deck for throne! This deck is all about curses flying around the card draw engine Archgryffyn Patriarch. A detailed explanation will be posted on YouTube in a few moments after posting this deck down below for a guide and gameplay vid!

Deck guide:

Deck gameplay (reaching master):

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, my name is Haradeas and I play a lot of eternal ranked (throne). This video will give you some insight in a very successful deck that I have build. I will be explaining the interactions, the synergies and the strategy involved conquering eternal! If you like this vid, please sub and like it!

I am a deck builder and reach master each month. Nothing is as exiting as having victories with your own deck creations! I want to share my decks and inspire people to make their own decks! Feel free to try my decks and let me know in the comments how it went!


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
5 2 1

Power Sources
18 15 9 16

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
7 23 32 1 7

Card Types
26 10 14 4 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Homecoming [Set1005]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]
Promises by Firelight [Set1007]

Control Midrange

January 13, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.49 - Promises by Firelight

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Stager Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.5
Thank you for this awesome deck. When I've fist seen the deck I thought it is decent but as soon as I've crafted it and played I see it is brilliant. Deck never runs out of steam. In fact most of the times I am on a verge of discarding cards on the end of a turn.
steelchucker3 Edited Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Great deck! Super fun to play and, once you're used to how it plays, it cripples other decks. Thanks for the list!
Tracaine Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Why no Outcast Fortress or Kuro, Champion of Makkar? Cheaper curses, fast curses and units from the void with Kuro's mastery. If you can get Zelia from the site that's a huge bonus. Her curses are expensive but she gets buffed from it too. Conservatory Alchemist is nice too if you can keep it on the board to use it.

Not criticizing, just curious why you didn't do Outcast fortress and kuro in a JPS curse build.
biologynut99 Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Part of me always feels weird about 1,2,3 of instead of 4's. I guess you've spent a lot of time finding exactly how many of each card to play? Seems short on units! But i'm not in masters so dont listen to me :p
sto650 Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Haradeas does 1-of copies of cards more often than most high level players I've seen. In this deck, however, the only true 1-of cards are Sediti and Mokhnati, since all of the curses can be fetched with Parul's Choice. I'm assuming the 1-of for Sediti and Mokhnati are something like, "I'd be ecstatic to be able to cast this card once in a game, but I'm pretty unlikely to have the influence and/or power to do it. I still want the remote possibility to exist in the deck, though."
ChoobMaster Eternal Version: 1.49.3
I always found it helpful to think of the amount of copies you want for each card to be on a sort of rating system.
- 4 copies = you always want to see this card and don’t mind drawing them in multiples
- 3 copies = you would like to draw one of these each game but it may get clunky or awkward if you draw multiple
- 2 copies = you want your deck to have access to this card, but they don’t work in multiples or perhaps are expensive finishers
- 1 = usually this is like a toolbox card for tutor effects like Parul’s Choice or Crownwatch Press Gang