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Burning Finger v2

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Molten Fist
This deck is built around getting a huge molten fist and a clear board, and then grabbing your opponents face and watching them explode.

Big secret is holding things back, being very patient. Remember your endgame is to gain 12-45 armor, you can take another 10 damage to hold a harsh rule back another turn, don't be afraid to do that. Also don't forget you can Rise to the Challenge to pull a throne warden for +4 attack for surprise lategame lethal.

Also if you activate Tax Collector's Ultimate, it doubles your armor and triples your attack.
so a 6/6 molten fist becomes an 18/12, as it adds the current stats to the base (0/6+6/6) and then applies the buff from the text (+12 atk).

Seriously though, you have to have the patience of a saint to pilot this deck properly.

I've been trying out different amounts of fixing for power and trying a duplicate demolisher, it's been goin well. I'm thinking about putting in a wanted poster or 4, but need to figure out what to swap out. Feel free to comment any suggestions/ideas! If you're in chat during a stream feel free to toss me ideas as well!


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Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
11 18 4

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Deck Rarities
25 15 8 10

Card Types
17 8 25 0 25


December 22, 2017


Eternal Version
The Dusk Road

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