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Peasant "Oops All 1-Drops" ft. Feln Adept

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This deck is the biggest nod to Batteriez, as it's an update to this deck that took him to a top 4 finish at the January 9th, 2021 tournament. The idea was simple, just vomit out units and reload your hand with Draconic Looting and Kindling Carver. My take on it is a little different. First, we now have access to Feln Adept and I think any deck that can attempt to run it should at least toy with the idea. We have some ways to trigger Frenzy, namely Autotread. But Torch and Warning Shot off a Delivery can get us there in a pinch. Gustrider and Darkwater Vines can discard Glen Pathcutter for us, giving Feln Adept +2 attack so that it can continuously attack and draw us more cards. We also have Battlefront Dasher which we can combine with Adept on turn 3. If we can't turn it on, we can always loot it away with Lumen Shepherd to get us to better cards.

I want to take a second to talk about Caravan Delivery. This card is quickly becoming my favorite Market card in aggro decks. The biggest turn on is being able to draw Roaming Cache mid-combat as a mini Rally. Then you just let it go back into your deck, meaning that in reality it was a 2F Fast Spell "Your Units get +1/+0 this turn. Draw a card at the end of turn." That's a good card. But not only that, it also anthems you again later when you draw the Cache again. Aside from that you get to Market Kindling Carver, which I think is actually where you want it. You don't get those weird hands where you have multiple Kindling Carvers but not enough units to sacrifice to them, so you only get it when you need to churn through your deck. The rest is just really cheap and effect cards. Melt Down turns Delivery into a 2 power attachment removal, which is below rate, but passable. Warning Shot plays a dual role triggering Frenzy or killing a small unit (like Kindling Carver) and occasionally that this role of being a power?? If you opt against Feln Adept, you may want to trade out Warning Shot for Flame Blast as a way to close out games.


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March 20, 2023


Eternal Version
Behemoths of Thera

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